Grapevine ISD, PD Investigating Whether 7th Grader Was Attacked

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Sitting at a picnic table on Monday, a mother of a seventh grader at Grapevine Middle School said she wonders what she’s going to do: Her son was assaulted in the bathroom at school, she said, and nothing’s been done about it.

“He bent over to get his binder and was facing the wall,” she said. “Someone came up behind him and pushed him into the wall. He blacked out and had a busted lip and bruised nose. “

She said her son was taken to the emergency room, where doctors told her that he suffered a concussion. She said she wanted to tell her story, but didn’t want to identify her child.

As such, CBS 11 has chosen not to use her name.

“There were times when he would be speaking and words wouldn’t come out of his mouth,” she said. “There were times when he got dizzy and fell down; there were times I couldn’t wake him up.”

The district said it’s launched an investigation, as has the Grapevine Police Department. As of now, neither agency has found anyone at fault.

“How it was described to investigators, it was just merely an accident,” said Grapevine Sgt. Robert Eberling. “As far as meeting the elements of the offense for assault, it certainly didn’t meet that.”

A statement released by Grapevine – Colleyville ISD spokeswoman Megan Overman said, “Based on the results of these investigations and in working closely with our police department, we have no reason to believe this was an intentional act such as bullying or assault.”

The statement notes that the district “takes reports of bullying and student behavior very seriously and our policy requires that we investigate each report fully.”

The boy’s mother said her son told her the student who pushed him into the wall is still at school and has not been punished.

She said the school has arranged for her son to have an adult escort walk him from one class to the next to protect his injury. Overman said the decision was a mutual one, made with the consent of the child’s mother, and would cease once the boy has recovered.

Also, the mother said her son has to report to the office for lunch to avoid the student accused of attacking him. Overman said the child has now returned to having lunch in the cafeteria, however.

The mother said she feels her son is being punished for being the victim.

“I want to know that when I sent him off to school, I don’t have to sit at work and wonder, ‘Is he OK?,” she said.


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  1. 2sister says:

    Even if it was an accident or not bullying, that doesn’t mean nothing should be done. At the very least, the other student wasn’t being careful or was doing something he shouldn’t have been ( i .e. playing in the bathroom). If he purposely shoved another kid into the wall, he should be disciplined.

    1. 2sister says:

      I guess, however, one kid could have slipped on a wet floor into him. If that’s the case, it would just be a tragic accident.

      1. 2sister says:

        Note: I;m not saying the floor was wet or that the other kid slipped into him. I’m just saying that it is possible.

  2. Michele says:

    This is Michele Grapevine (Mother) – FYI – I just found out the conclusion to my son’s “GRADE 3 (SERVERE) concussion” from the school “19 days” later by watching the new just now. As of this very minute I have not received a call, email or letter from the school nor the board with their conclusion to the investigation.
    I did however receive a call from the Grapevine Police during their investigation (starting March 1st and ending March 2nd) stating at this time evidence didn’t prove assault, due to several young adult witnesses’ stories not matching. I was told that if an eye witness came forward they would follow the lead.
    On Feb 16th there were several boys wrestling in the bathroom at the time of the incident on the opposite side of the wall. He was pushed from behind while bent down defenseless into a tile wall. Then picked up by a boy stating” I’m sorry don’t tell your mom and get me in trouble”.
    My son has been seen by 4 different doctors including a Neurologist and stated that this severe concussion could not be caused by an accident; this is caused from a force blow to the head.
    (Read up on Grade 3 Concussion)
    Not to mention that my son has been approached by the same “student” twice while being escorted during school.
    There is so much more to this story and I am happy to share. I just wanted other parents to see what can happen to your child and also not being notified immediately and nothing be done. My son was actually sent to ISS for putting his hands over his face once he approached his next class in a confused state of mind.
    Ending Note: “the student that pushed my son” was involved in another altercation this past Friday night at a school function on March 2nd. But, this isn’t bullying because no one can testify he did it intentionally, when he admits to doing it only by accident to my son.

    1. Monica says:

      I feel the Mothers Pain and the kid! I too had a kid at that school and they just look the other way! My son was jumped in front of other kids and they did nothing to the other kid but a slap on the hand! We have had many other stuff happen that I will not get into it on here. The school needs a wake up call!
      My younger kids will NEVER go to this school! I had to pull my son out and put him in a school where he could be safe!

    2. Parent of students in GCISD says:

      I am so sorry this happened! When did you find out what happened? Are there no consequences for wrestling in the bathroom!!? The reason that should not be allowed is that someone could get hurt! Whether it was an accident or not – the child who hurt your son should have to apologize and all the kids involved should have a consequence for their behavior so maybe they won’t do it again!

    3. Action needed says:

      This seems to be an ongoing problem at GMS. I recently removed my 6th grade son from GMS due to bullying since September. He was pushed into lockers, tripped, and called names. I have witnesses from the kids but we were told by the staff and administrators that he needed a thicker skin. I realized how desperate the situation was when he came home and told me he was going to kill himself if he had to go back to THAT school one more day. We cried together, but oh yeah, boys are’nt supposed to cry. I’m thankful that he has not commented suicide. Even a headline like that probably wouldn’t get their attention! It will take a class action at this point. One person can not do this alone. Let’s don’t wait until something traject happens like suicide or a school shooting. I’ve already started the legal process and need more specific information. Please contact me if you are ready for a change!

  3. Concerned Grapevine Parent says:

    Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Multiple unrelated incidents have been reported to both GMS and GCISD administrators, but no action is being taken against the group of GMS bullies. Children should not be afraid to go to school and should know that their teachers and administration will protect them. GCISD MUST take action! Do they not read the horrible stories occurring across the country related to bullying? Are they not aware of the suicide rate amoung teens and pre-teens who are the victims of bullying?? Do something now! Hold GMS administration accountable and stop this trend. Getting the drugs out of the school would be a side benefit.

  4. Disgusted Parent says:

    The GMS administration is very weak, but they are not alone. I have a high school student and we were recently talking about all the bullying that goes on at the high school level. Nothing is done. His friend asked me why kids who did bad things weren’t punished. I am baffled. My only thought it is must be related to the federal dollars that they will lose for having a student absent from school. It’s bad, and no one seems to care. Don’t even get me started on the pot being passed around on the school busses.

  5. My son was bullied too at gms says:

    My son was bullied at GCISD last year, and I know some parents who are filing a lawsuit against the school. If I had some sort of contact information I could hook you up with them, as a class-action against the school might be the most powerful route. I have a school directory, just give me a homeroom teacher name and I can ask my child who it is and get in touch with you from there. Or leave an email address.

  6. No Leadership at GMS says:

    Grapevine Middle School has a ‘blame the victim’ mentality. Every time went to the school administration I was told that it was MY child’s fault s/he got hurt (or got stuff stolen, or had other kids’ cussing at hs/her face). Really?! Instead of zero tolerance, this school has zero accountability. One of the parents of the 7th grade bullies is on the PTA, she’s in the school office every day kissing up to the principal. Nothing is ever going to be done about her son, who btw, walks around school saying to the other kids, “Who are you going to tell after all that my parents do for this place?” We call GMS THE APE HOUSE since it is a total zoo over there.

  7. Mom of bullied Child says:

    I am a Parent of a Special needs child who is bullied daily. My child also had the “escort” put in place after he was attacked in the locker room by older boys sticking thumb tacks in his back. The school did not even notify me of the incident. I found out after my child came home with blood marks all over his back. The school does NOT release names of the bullies or their “consequences” due to confidentiality”. To this day my Child is still bullied daily from being pushed, kicked, name calling, and pencil stabs (whish there is lead in his skin from these). Kudos to this Mother for speaking up! Wish I had the guts to do what she has done. Something needs to be done at this school. I hope that since it is out there in the news the school may start to realize they have a problem and start dealing with it instead of sweeping it under the rug and stop protecting the bullies.

  8. James says:

    The People of this City are strong! Stay together and things will change. Life is hard enough. Having our children fear life at an early age like this is not the best way to promote the future and instill the values that we were all taught. I hope that there is JUSTICE for the Family that is going through this heartache and for all of those that have replied as well. We The People……

  9. GCISD Parent says:

    It’s not just GMS in Grapevine. My son was physically assaulted on a Dove elementary field trip, to make matters worse he received” a mark” (disciplinary note in his planner) for yelling at the bully for continuing to hit him. I called the school the next morning to inform the teacher what happened and even offered to send her photos of the bruises. I requested the teachers to monitor the interactions between this child and mine and asked if my kid could have indoor recess for the last two weeks of school (as the only time he saw the other child was at recess). My son was called to the counselors office to be told that ; 1. the other child wasn’t bullying him, it was an “inter-personal issue” 2. that he should have ignored the other student “because he wasn’t really hurting you” and 3. that it was unreasonable that I expected the teachers to keep them separate at recess because 2 adults were in charge of over 100 kids. So here’s what we learned at GCISD: 1. there are no bullies, it’s the injured kids fault for having inadequate people skills 2. we should allow other people to touch our bodies even when hurtful or inappropriate 3. expecting your children to be safe while at school is unreasonable. GCISD- We’re great because we ignore everything unpleasant!

  10. Happy Dove Parent says:

    Happy to say that we experienced a bullying situation at Dove earlier this year and it was handled by the teacher, counselor and administrators very thoroughly and promptly. While I have heard rumors of the problems at GMS and GHS, we have not seen or heard of anything at Dove that concerns us about our child’s safety. I would like to see GCISD initiate a comprehensive investigation into the disturbing stories above. With a child headed to GMS soon, the situation is very concerning.

  11. Grapevine Parent says:

    I am so proud of you! Be strong and know that you are not alone!

    It seems that the administration of GCISD needs to follow the rules as outlined on the GCISD website. “Simple assault is defined as intentionally, knowingly, or RECKLESSLY causing bodily injury to another.” “A student shall be removed from class and placed in a disciplinary alternative education program if the student … engages in conduct that contains the elements of assault.” If there are no consequences for such actions, then the bullies will continue this behavior.

    Just because there is not enough evidence to prosecute in a court of law does not mean that the student shouldn’t be disciplined.

  12. Different Perspective says:

    Maybe instead of bashing the school and the school district you could work with them to prevent some of this from happening. It seems to me that parents are quick to point fingers and criticize GMS. There are many incredible people in this school who love children, love what they do and are devoted to making a difference in your children’s lives. Go and visit the school, eat lunch with your child, volunteer at events, get to know their teachers and maybe you would have a better understanding about what a tough job administrators, teachers, and other support staff have on a daily basis. I am a GCISD parent and proud to say that my children attended our schools. Why not try a different approach or looking at things from a different perspective and you may be surprised at how things turn out.

    1. James says:

      “Maybe instead of bashing the school and the school district you could work with them to prevent some of this from happening.”

      From what I read it sounded like they all had tried….am I wrong on this?
      I read that they had all tried to talk to the Teachers and Admin.

    2. GCISD Parent says:

      I don’t want to “bash the school” I wanted resolution so I could be reasonably sure my son was safe. I went through the chain of command and was told what happened didn’t really happen, just like the GMS mom was. Our children “weren’t hurt on purpose” or the child who hurt ours was a “good kid” so nothing happened. I know the staff are kind and loving people. The problem is sometimes they turn a blind eye to what is going on because the offender is a good kid or has had a rough life. That’s not okay and it’s not what we need to be teaching children. If I’m driving down 114 and hit a defect in the road and my car swerves into another lane I’m responsible legally and financially, even if I did not mean to do it and I’m a good person. The rules shouldn’t change based on who you are ( or who your parents are). We had to leave Dove because of this incident, and it took a lot of talk with a therapist to get my shy child to understand that it wasn’t his fault and you do NOT let anyone touch you if you do not want them to. I’m glad the other family at Dove had a quick resolution, my son’s former teacher left the school and maybe things have changed However almost the exact same thing happened to my friend’s kid at Dove, and she got the same story from the school. Knowing what happened to us and fearing retaliation she let it go. The point is there seems to be a culture of “see no evil, hear no evil” at GCISD that is putting kids in danger. By the way I was an active PTA parent and volunteered all the time, so I hope nothing happens to Different Perspectives kid to knock them off their high horse.

  13. Concerned Grapevine Parent says:

    Thanks, James. You took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t think anyone is bashing GCISD or GMS in general, as, yes, there are many talented and caring educators in our district, however, that doesn’t excuse the manner in which bullying is being addressed by others, especially those in school and district leadership positions. This isn’t about finding a scapegoat – its about identifiying the problems and developing a plan to improve the educational environment for our children and making it safe and supportive for all of the kids. While I agree that parents have a significant role in the moral education of their children, there is very little parents can do when their child is at school, so parents must be able to trust that the adults in charge are doing the right thing.


    I think it is time for you teach your son how to take up for himself and you need to stop fighting his battles for him. The last time I checked the teachers and staff are there to teach our children not waste my tax dollars having one person at the school escort your child around all day so no one will pick on him. I was taught to take up for myself when I was growing up. You need to spend some time at the school on any given day and listen to all the whinning and crying people like you do. Your son has a god given right to take up for himself. Stop blaming the school I am proud my child is a GCISD student. And if that doesn’t work for you move him another school within GCISD

    1. Ryan says:

      GCISD PROUD PARENT, I am sure that if your mother and father read that you are ok with violence in school that they would not be proud of your reaction. I know I am deeply bothered by your lack of maturity when teaching and raising our future leaders. So I assume that you feel the chlldren that were recently fatally wounded in Ohio should have been able to stand up and protect themselves? Or that if your child was pushed in front of a car and wounded it would be your child’s fault for not being able to keep their balance when side blinded by another student. We are talking about children that do not have fully developed minds and don’t always understand the consequences of their actions. Your comment comes of ignorant and uneducated. Your arguement is unsubstaniated by the fact that the educators should stay out of children participating in violence and let them hash it out, that is ridiculous. Furthermore, I find your comment about “your” tax dollars again to be another uneducated and selfish comment about our educational system. I am a single man, who does not have children, yet I still pay taxes that goes towards the school system. I could be the one stating “why should I be responsible for funding the education of your child.” However, I gladly pay my portion in hopes that every child will get an education and enjoy their youth, without being robbed of it in what is suppose to be a safe environment. GCISD Proud Parent, obviously you are lacking compassion and human respect, however, no matter how cold hearted you are towards the feelings of children, I truly hope no one in your family ever has to experience what this little boy, or so many children do these days.

      1. GCISD PROUD PARENT says:

        I will leave it at this I do have compassion for all of the kids in the school system, but I do believe that all of the kids should stand up for themselves and not go running to their mother when someone is picking on them at school and let their mother deal with the problem. And for you being the single man with no children you don’t have a clue what is going on. The whole purpose of this is you are only getting the mothers side of the story and wanting to place blame on the school. And yes for your information my parents are proud of the way I was raised and the way I have raised my children. So until you know both sides of the story we don’t know what has happened.

    2. Ryan says:

      I truly hope you are being honest with yourself and your children about having compassion for other. Unfortunately, with your outrageous comments above, “you” single handledly have pertrayed yourself as uncaring and extremely insensitive to this child, not his mother. I don’t disagree that we want to teach our children to be strong and to stand up for themselves, but I must have missed that lesson that said standing up for yourself meant promoting violence. Furthermore GCISD parent, you are correct, I do not have child, however, I have extensive training and several years of experience working with situations such as this one. I also understand boys will be boys and sometimes rough housing causes a child to get hurt, but that is usually a bruise or a broken arm, not a concussion that could affect the livelihood of this child. Also, I do agree there is two sides to every story, but the bottom line is that one child has a concussion and one does not have a scratch. In my mind, with the child accused of bullying being a minor, I think it is a parent’s responsibility to teach that child between what is right and what is wrong, and maybe the parents should be held responsible for his or her’s child actions. So let me ask you something GCISD Proud Parent. Do you not feel any sympathy for this child that now has a concussion? Could you not relate and understand why this child’s mother would be so upset? If you were the parent of the child being accused of bullying would you be ok with your child acting in such a manner? I just hope the parent of the accused bully has recognized that his or her child needs to calm down, that actions at such a young age lead to criminal actions later on in life. It is the responsibility of the parent of the accused bully’s parent to help get their child on the right track, or explain to him that his actions whether meant to be harmful or not can cause harm. If I were you GCISD Proud Parent, I would highly encourage my child to go make friends with this little boy or reach out to him. Would you not be more of a Proud Parent if your child lead by example?

      1. GCISD PROUD PARENT says:

        Ryan I do agree with alot of what you are saying one of the problems I see with all of this is that alot of the parents I have delt with do not have anything to do with teaching them right from wrong and some are just turned loose on the town and that is a parent problem that I wish they would be held accountable for. I do feel bad for this child and don’t want to see any child hurt just like I don’t want to see my children hurt. I wish I could help her son and violence is never the answer. And saying that I still think some things have to be taken care of by the child. I’m not this ruthless person you think I am I think school is for learning not babysitting and the staff of these schools are there for the purpose of teaching not babysitting.

    3. Grapevine Parent says:

      The article states “He bent over to get his binder and was facing the wall.” He was completely defenseless to stand up for himself. It doesn’t sound like the mother is fighting his battles for him. If the bully had been disciplined, then maybe he would learn from his mistake (whether intentional or not).

  15. Mother Of 5 says:

    For the Comment made by GCISD Proud Parent,
    Obviously you are not well educated on the affects of bullying. Please look up the link below.

    So proud of you Michelle and hoping and praying for your son to get well soon.


      I am well educated on bullying and I know we did not have it when I was in school because we handled the problem ourself,we didn’t go to mom and have her take care of it for us. This is one of the problems with children today is they don’t know how to address a problem when the parents take care of it for them. And thanks for your comment I’m sure you are an expert on the topic.

      1. Ryan says:

        So you want to go back to the days when you were in school and resort to violence. That makes perfect sense. Let’s say we did take your approach and let the children “handled” problems themselves. God made all of us different heights, shapes, sizes, etc. Would it not be a fair statement that certain children have an advantage over other children. Would you have to “handle” it, if your parents taught you respect for others and the difference between right and wrong? And what if you had a male, would you be ok with him hitting a female as long he was “handling” it and it didn’t effect your live. When you make the decision to have children, you are suppose to protect them and guide them. The thing about it is, that is it ok to go to mom and dad, because they have wisdom and experience and can guide a child how to handle certain situations. Have you ever had the opportunity to sit down with a child that has been bullied? I would recommend you look into that, I think you will see a whole different side. These children just want to have normal lives, run, play and smile.

  16. Parent of 3 GCISD Kids says:

    GCISD PROUD PARENT, the only way for you to fully know both sides of this story is if you were there when it happened OR your child was. I have 3 children and one is at GMS. I drop my child off GMS and I am shocked to see how some children behave. Obviously, by your previous comment you spend a lot of time there. I am sure you have seen behavior that is unacceptable. They are CHILDREN! I think there are times when a situation warrants adult intervention.


      I agree with you 100% there are times when adult intervention is needed. I have spent some time there observing childrens behavior and I have watched the behavior of some of the parents in the way they talk to teachers and staff at the school and that is also eye opening ,you should try it some time just go and sit in the office for a day and take notice to the parents behavior and you will see where some of the problems start. And that is NOT a gcisd problem.

      1. Ryan says:

        So in the statement above, would you say that you are stating that the accused bully’s parents should be held responsible? And that the police should be investigating their parental ability? I would agree it isn’t GCISD’s responsiblity to teach children how to act, but it would be there responsibility (in which their mission statement states) to keep the children safe. If your daughter was being sexually harassed, would you want GCISD to stand there and tell your daughter, sorry we can’t help you? Or would you want them to protect her from being assaulted? Bullying is not just taking someone’s lunch anymore, it goes much deeper than that and it does affect child in their futures. I really wish you would put yourself and your children in the position of so many of these bullied children around the world and say how would I feel if I was on the other side.

  17. Seriously! says:

    Imagine this …. YOU as an ADULT go into a restroom. There are people at the OTHER SIDE of the restroom scuffling around. YOU HOWEVER are minding YOUR OWN BUSINESS – you bend over to pick up your personal items you have lying in the floor – someon comes up BEHIND YOU and SHOVES YOU with a BODY SLAM into the wall – a TILE WALL!!! After being knocked down, you stand up and go “oh guess I just slipped and fell – OR the floor must be wet”!!! THEN the person that hit you says …. OH DON’T TELL ANYONE I DID THAT!!! I just want to know – how was that kid supposed to PROTECT himself – AND after the mother found out the child was SERIOUSLY HURT – she wasn’t supposed to ask questions!!??? I honestly think if this happened to an ADULT – they would be SUING the owner of the building, all lthe people in the restroom and anyone else they could identify!!!!

  18. Seriously! says:

    I happen to have SEVEN grandchildren going to or have gone to GCISD – Out of the SEVEN – THREE have been severly bullied – and nothing was done! One’s mother had to go to the school and couldn’t get anything done until she proved what was going on by way of comments on FB – the other one was bullied by the same bully that put a kid in the hospital earlier this year! The only reason that bulling stopped was because my grandson’s older brother got involved and took up for him. All three are good honor students and athletes – but that doesn’t keep them from being bullied too!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!! Seven kids and three have been bullied in the same schools!!! Someone is not taking care of business as they should and it sounds like it’s the school district to me!!

  19. Concerned says:

    I for one am very proud of this mother for being brave enough and taking the time to address the issue!! That’s the problem with GCISD – they don’t take this seriously and they aren’t held accountable because of the red tape they put the parents through! I wonder how much time this mother had to take off work to take her child to different doctors, take off time to go to the school, take off time to be home with her child when he couldn’t walk or even get out of bed. A concussion is serious – and can do damage that will last a lifetime. Good for this mother – very bad that GCISD took this stance and ignored the issue and made excuses for a boy that should have been punished or at the least removed from school.

  20. Mom of Bullied Child says:

    To the GCISD PROUD PARENT.. My Child who has special needs is one of the bullied children.My Child is about to receive his 1st degree black belt and can surely stand up for himself, defend himself and or fight back. HOWEVER, being taught COURTESY, INTEGRITY, PERSERVERANCE, SELF CONTROL and INDOMITAL SPIRIT we do not encourage fighting. We encourage being the better person and walk away regardless of my child’s ability to fight and most likely win in most cases. This is what you need to be teaching your children. Your “back in the day” thinking does not apply to this day and time. I am sure by your comments, attitude and blind eye your Child/children are the children who are being the bullies in our schools. Our Children should be able to come to the parents with problems and issues because they are just that CHILDREN!

  21. GM says:

    My grandson was bullied at Dove. I was told it would be investigated. Well, nothing happened, although they wanted him to see a special counselor to help him fit in! (make him a bigger target) Those months for him were miserable and the kids who targeted him were told to stop the unkind behavior. The situation continued until we moved him, now miraculously he is thriving in a safe atmosphere where he is not having to put up with pure meanness that was never really addressed by the teachers or the principal .

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