GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Sitting at a picnic table on Monday, a mother of a seventh grader at Grapevine Middle School said she wonders what she’s going to do: Her son was assaulted in the bathroom at school, she said, and nothing’s been done about it.

“He bent over to get his binder and was facing the wall,” she said. “Someone came up behind him and pushed him into the wall. He blacked out and had a busted lip and bruised nose. “

She said her son was taken to the emergency room, where doctors told her that he suffered a concussion. She said she wanted to tell her story, but didn’t want to identify her child.

As such, CBS 11 has chosen not to use her name.

“There were times when he would be speaking and words wouldn’t come out of his mouth,” she said. “There were times when he got dizzy and fell down; there were times I couldn’t wake him up.”

The district said it’s launched an investigation, as has the Grapevine Police Department. As of now, neither agency has found anyone at fault.

“How it was described to investigators, it was just merely an accident,” said Grapevine Sgt. Robert Eberling. “As far as meeting the elements of the offense for assault, it certainly didn’t meet that.”

A statement released by Grapevine – Colleyville ISD spokeswoman Megan Overman said, “Based on the results of these investigations and in working closely with our police department, we have no reason to believe this was an intentional act such as bullying or assault.”

The statement notes that the district “takes reports of bullying and student behavior very seriously and our policy requires that we investigate each report fully.”

The boy’s mother said her son told her the student who pushed him into the wall is still at school and has not been punished.

She said the school has arranged for her son to have an adult escort walk him from one class to the next to protect his injury. Overman said the decision was a mutual one, made with the consent of the child’s mother, and would cease once the boy has recovered.

Also, the mother said her son has to report to the office for lunch to avoid the student accused of attacking him. Overman said the child has now returned to having lunch in the cafeteria, however.

The mother said she feels her son is being punished for being the victim.

“I want to know that when I sent him off to school, I don’t have to sit at work and wonder, ‘Is he OK?,” she said.