With apologies to the wonderful Navy SEALS who serve our country with pride, the Mavericks are going through the NBA’s version of Hell Week right now.

Rick Carlisle’s group will play five games in six days in five different cities and three different time zones.  That run includes a dreaded back to back to back.


Sure, the Mavericks travel well on their own team plane that features plush reclining leather chairs and wonderful menus offering fresh fish and crisp salads but this is a brutal schedule.  It can take a toll on anyone no matter how fine-tuned the athlete.

Consider the itinerary:

  • Sunday, March 4th the Mavs left Dallas Love Field for Oklahoma City, flying approximately 208 miles.
  • Monday, March 5th the Mavs lost to the Thunder.  They left following the OKC game for Love Field, against travelling around 208 miles.
  • Tuesday, March 6th the Mavs host the Knicks in Dallas.
  • Wednesday, March 7th the Mavs will leave Love Field for Phoenix, leaving the Central time zone and entering Mountain Standard time.  This is approximately a 1050 mile trip.
  • Thursday, March 8th the Mavs play the Suns in Phoenix. They will depart following the Suns game for Sacramento, leaving the Mountain time zone and entering the Pacific time zone.  This trip is about 770 miles.
  • Friday, March 9th the Mavs play the Kings in Sacramento.  They will leave the California capitol for the Bay Area after the game, travelling about 100 miles
  • Saturday, March 10th the back to back to back ends against the Warriors in Oakland. The Mavs will eventually head home for Love Field and return to Central Standard time in a segment covering about 1700 miles.

When the Mavs arrive home, likely around 5am Sunday morning, they will have two glorious days off before hosting the Wizards on Tuesday.

Dirk Nowitzki and friends will have travelled around 4036 miles in less than one week without a single frequent flier mile to show for it.