Bieber Tweet

Bieber Tweet

  • andreia filipa barros

    justin justin i verry sad

  • Justin Bieber twitter prank: Pop star faces legal action after tweeting Texan couple's phone number | Arts | National Post

    […] Justin Bieber is facing a potential lawsuit after pulling a practical joke on Twitter. Earlier this week, the Canadian pop star reportedly tweeted a fake phone number with the message, “Call me right now.” (CBS has a screengrab of the tweet here — the phone number has been removed.) […]

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? Suing over this…. You know, common sense kicks in when you should have UNPLUGGED your phone or better yet, get CALLER ID?!?! A joke is a joke. What harm is done? Its not like he even used your number? Signed, a person looking out for a fellow Canadian.

    • Smart Guy

      You”re an idiot Anonymoust! Bieber shouldn’t be giving out phone numbers over his twitter. And it’s not the first time he’s done it either. Everyone calling that house in effect committed harrassment to those people and he is responsible!

  • Has Justin Bieber’s pranking gone too far? Um, he’s being sued, so probably | Leave It to Bieber |

    […] has directed thousands of phone calls to normal, living-their-lives Texans Dilcie and Kent by pretending to tweet his number and asking his fans to call it. The number on the tweet (which has been deleted) was short one […]

  • rikko43

    First awesome thing beiber ever did

  • steveinphilly

    Apologies to Canadians. Texas is our most litigious state. Most plaintiffs look to file their because the people serving on juries there just love lawsuits. Hopefully this one is dismissed.

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