flooding 2 Crowley Courts Building Still Flooded, Escapee Still Missing

(credit: Dallas Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Frank Crowley courthouse in downtown Dallas is still shut down and an inmate still on the run, after a flood Thursday led to an evacuation and an escape.

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Friday morning, attorneys were allowed in the building, but only to pick up belongings.

“I had some important things here – and they were kind enough to let me retrieve it,” said attorney John Tatum, who recovered his briefcase.

Fridays are normally busy days for the courts.

“A lot of business, a lot of people trying to wrap up cases,” described attorney Scott Haid.

The only activity this Friday came from workers trying to clean up the mess and repair the damage caused by a broken pipe in the sprinkler system.

flooding 4 Crowley Courts Building Still Flooded, Escapee Still Missing

(credit: Dallas Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office reported up to 3 inches of flooding Thursday on the building’s first floor, which knocked out escalators, elevators, and an emergency sprinkler system. By Friday afternoon, the Dallas County Fire Marshal’s reported everything was working again, with the exception of a single elevator and the fire alarms.

Sheriff deputies, meanwhile, continue searching for 17-year-old Juan Ramires, an inmate who escaped during the commotion.

juan ramirez e1331241111883 Crowley Courts Building Still Flooded, Escapee Still Missing

County spokesperson Maria Arita said 119 inmates in the courthouse at the time of the leak were moved quickly and safely back to the jail.

Ramires, however, was helping with the clean-up when he reportedly walked out a north exit.

Dallas police say they arrested Ramires Wednesday, while investigating a report of a suspicious person on 1400 block of Celeste in southeast Dallas.

When confronted by officers, Ramires allegedly lied, giving them several fake names. He was charged with failure to ID and providing false information.

Despite an extensive search of downtown Dallas Thursday, deputies were unable to find the escapee.

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