Robertson’s Pro Pot Stance Has Local Support

By Susy Solis, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Pat Robertson’s recent comments in support of the legalization of marijuana are now getting support from some religious leaders in North Texas.

Rev. Kyev Tatum said it’s something he’s been preaching about for years. “When you decriminalize the use of marijuana, you will decrease the number of young people  who go into the criminal justice system, which subsequently means we save lives and we save money,” said Tatum, who is running for Congress.

But not everyone agrees that Robertson is using his platform in a healthy way. Eric Neidermayer, CEO of the Recovery Resource Council in Tarrant County, said Robertson is sending the wrong message.

“It ends up becoming justification for a lot of people. Pat Robertson said it’s okay so therefore it makes it okay. You know one person saying that doesn’t make it okay,” Neidermayer said.

Robertson has been quoted as saying that U.S. law enforcement “has gone overboard on this concept of being tough on crime,” which has, he says, resulted in overcrowded jails and overspending on non-violent inmates.

Jim Shaw, a Fort Worth attorney who represents 3 of the 18 TCU students recently arrested in a drug bust, says the majority of those who end up in jail are repeat offenders.

“It’s all but a mandatory probation in some instances. They don’t want those people in jail. They don’t want those people in state facilities. They want people to quit doing it,” he said.

All sides agree on one thing: the only way to deter drug use is prevention and treatment.

“It costs you over $30,000 to incarcerate them, where as with $10,000 you can rehabilitate them. It doesn’t make sense economically.” Tatum said.

Neidermayer added, “I don’t necessarily believe that everybody belongs in prison who has been arrested for possession of marijuana. I think in a lot of cases it’s about putting dealers in prison but in other cases, it’s about treatment.”

Neidermayer said Texas ranks 48th out all 50 states in money it gives to social services, such as drug prevention.

In 2007, Texas passed a law that allows local law enforcement the option to ticket people found in possession of 4 ounces of marijuana or less, instead of sending them to jail.

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One Comment

  1. norulers says:

    Take the time to study a little history. I know that takes some effort, but PLEASE, try.

  2. Linda says:

    I am very disappointed in Robertson. Marijuana is a stepping stone to use of hard drugs. I have had a relative that started with Marijuana and soon it wasn’t enough for him and he moved on the other drugs that are really bad. He lost his home, wife and little child because of his drug habit.. Please do NOT legalize marijuana–it destroys families and people’s lives.

    1. norulers says:

      Laws do NOT help stop irresponsible behavior. Any related weakness is a HEALTH problem, NOT a LEGAL problem. All individuals OWN their own bodies. The state has NO legitimate authority to dictate to FREE individuals what they put into their bodies.

      1. Emereaux says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. As a cancer survivor, medical marijuana was a lifesaver and the only way I could keep nausea at bay long enough to eat for more than six months.

        Marijuana needs to be legalized, not proselytized!

    2. johannas andersen says:

      That is so not true…

    3. lisa says:

      The stepping stone ma’am is alcohol.Get rid of alcohol and teens are LESS likely to experiment with other drugs.

      1. norulers says:

        “Get rid” of alcohol? You might as well try to get rid of wind in March. Like I said, try studying a little history before making a fool of yourself in public.

    4. tellthetruth says:

      It’s ignorance exactly like yours, that helps get innocent people slaughtered, cops injured, and more “wet” out there, responsible for murders and violent crime. Because marijuana is IN the control of the Feds, cartels and streets, a lot of it is laced in PCP and or embalming fluid getting innocent people killed. Moreover, just marijuana ALONE is responsible for an est. 60, 70% of the cartels total income. It’s ignorance, lies and propaganda exactly like yours that keep these issues, drugs, guns and gangs proliferating.
      Marijuana is not nor has it EVER been, a gateway drug; that is a LIE used to substantiate the corruption that feeds off ignorace.

    5. relieved says:

      I am thrilled that Rev. Robertson is so in touch with reality. All this marijuana is est. by DEA, Stratfor, ATF to account for at least 60% of the cartels income. With doctors, lawyers, professors, business people and and a host of everyone else smoking them some weed, thank the Lord somebody is calling for the legalization of it so there will be some controls put in place, gang and transnational gang proliferation may minimize a bit, not to mention all the unregistered guns already on the street (drugs and guns go hand in hand).

  3. Dan says:

    Linda your stuck on stupid!

  4. Kraven says:

    We should outlaw Oak, Maple, Walnut, Pine, Cilantro, Lettuce, and certain strains of tomatoes – After all – they are wild plants that grow all over the world and if used in a “certain way” could have a mental effect on an individual. Huh??

    If we see you with an Oak tree in your yard – you can face Prison Time!!! BTW – There are certain properties of Oak bark, if boiled and cultivated properly have narcotic affects. You people are Fuc*ing STUPID!!!!

  5. reader says:

    Thank you Pastor Tatum, for your honesty. You’ve been very tolerant of all my communication over the years, related to all the drugs that continue to pour out and continuously proliferate in the SW Fort Worth South Creek subdivision. At dark, the dealers take their places inside automobiles and throughout the night, drugs continue to go out night after night, year after year. At least someone is being honest about the array of criminals, that serve to keep this activity active, and the fabulous wealth, it is undeniably making someone year after year.

  6. nurse says:

    My experience has demonstrated a strong support for legalizing marijuana in order to minimize the continuing amount of marijuana laced with PCP and embalming fluid.100 million dollars worth was just discovered in Ca, headed in part to Texas through FedEx shipments. Law enforcement typically supports civilians incorrectly thinking PCP died down or went away so it-PCP stays “under the radar.”
    “Wet” weed, marijuana dipped in PCP/embalming fluid, has been responsible for hundreds of murders, mass murders, police injuries, violent crime etc in DFW and all over the country
    . It’s a little known fact/practice that “cleanses” out a lot of minority men for decades now. Legalizing marijuana would help to reduce street crime, murders, violent crime as it relates to this continuous “tool” getting innocents killed. Moeover, estimates are marijuana alone represents some 60, 70% of the cartels income. It’s unfortunate that so called “experts” are the ones interviewed as they couldn’t really know much about these issues lest they be deemed appropriately ignorant or evil. Marijuana in itself, does not and has never truly served as a “gateway” drug to hard core drugs, never. Doctors, lawyers, teachers…all walks of life within America smoke just marijuana, have for decades. We need some real experts to emerge from the emergency rooms at Parkland, JPS, drug rehabs-recovering persons, and tell the truth, as the identified ones (experts) are either bought off or ignorant to the politics and ethnic cleansing of drugs and how things really work.

  7. chad says:

    Prohibition is wrong in my mind, but I will not try to convince you.

    With over 50,000 people killed just south of the border (1969 miles) in the last 5 years, that is over 16 people per mile. Watch the discovery channels drug wars and you will see that the kidnappings, murders, smuggling, etc. are spreading to our southern states.

    I have two five year old twins that I would rather see experiment with pot then alcohol if in high school (I would rather them try nothing). I would rather them be educated about all drugs then told to obstain. Teaching kids to obstain from sex did not work, but safe sex practices have lead to lower pregnant teens and stds.

    If it is a real national emergency it is from the end of prohibition not the affect of consumption.

    Tax it, regulate it, CREATE GOOD JOBS, and teach responsibility. At this moment the US drug laws say that it is worse than meth, coke and heroin. By putting pot on the same schedule is the only reason it could be considered a gateway drug. ” If my dad smokes pot then coke is not bad either.”.

    In a nation of 5% of the world population and 25% of the world inmate population something is amiss.

    I dated a girl that went from hospital prescribed opiates to heroin because it was cheaper.

    Sorry for the jumbled thoughts!

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