Women’s Health Express Rolls Into Fort Worth

By Susy Solis, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) –  The fight for the Women’s Health Program in Texas continued Saturday as dozens of people gathered for a rally in Fort Worth’s Magnolia Green Park.

The so-called coalition of healthcare advocates drove into the park in the ‘Women’s Health Express’ bus for a rally to gain support.

“We are here to demand that the Women’s Healthcare Program through Medicaid has funding restored to Planned Parenthood affiliates across the state of Texas,” said Tori Adams, a board member of Planned Parenthood of North Texas.

During the last legislative session lawmakers voted to cut Medicaid funding to agencies affiliated with abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. In turn, the federal government said they would cut Medicaid funding to Texas, for not allowing women to choose their own healthcare providers.

State Senator Wendy Davis made a personal plea to the Fort Worth crowd.  “I utilized the services of Planned Parenthood for several years. I, like so many poor women, relied on that as my only source of healthcare,” Davis said.

Davis was a single teenage mother and said she’s grateful Planned Parenthood offered her birth control options.

Planned Parenthood said 90% of the work they do is preventative care, such as cancer and breast screenings. Forty percent of the low-income women who utilize the Women’s Health Program, choose Planned Parenthood for their healthcare.

“Texans don’t want Planned Parenthood, a known abortion provider, to be involved in it,” said Gov. Perry.

Perry vowed to continue to Women’s Health Program and provide care for some 130,000 low-income women, with or without the federal funding. The program costs about $40 million and the federal government covers roughly 90% if that.

“This program is not going away. Those people that are out there trying to say that we are trying to kill this program are dead wrong.” Perry told reporters.

The Northeast Tarrant Tea Party supports Perry’s actions saying, “In this situation, the federal government is trying to coerce the state to spend tax dollars that would in direct conflict to a state law that was passed. We disagree with the federal government’s position that they have the right to supersede state’s rights.”

But big question is where Perry will get the money to continue to provide the same level of care. The governor declined to say where the funding would come from or where cuts from other departments would be made to continue the program.

Meanwhile, some Texans say the losers in this political standoff are the low-income women who need healthcare.

“There are 130,000 women that are going to lose their opportunity to make decisions about their bodies because of this cut in the Women’s Health Program and that is wrong,” said Sen. Davis.

The “Women’s Health Express” will make stops in Denton, Dallas and Lubbock.

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One Comment

  1. Kathleen says:

    People do not seem to get that no one is taking away the program except Obama. The state is going to keep funding things like cancer screenings, etc. on their own. Planned Parenthood is just throwing a fit because all they care about is money and they know they are going to lose it. When women come in for ANYTHING they try to push a million contraceptives on them. The contraceptives passed out like candy have been linked to higher rates of both breast and ovarian cancer. A recent article following women in south Africa was included in the March 9th 2012 edition of OBR (Oncology Business Review). The article discusses the higher rates of cancer seen in the women using hormonal contraceptives.

    In fact, the main ingredients of hormonal contraceptives are classified as Class 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization.

    Contraceptives and abortion are not real health care. If you need to avoid pregnancy NFP (Natural Family Planning) has the same effective use rate as the pill when a couple is trained to use it properly. The best part about it is that it is free and very easy to use. Look into the Couple to Couple League or NaPro/Creighton Method. Recently, it was absolutely imperative that I avoid pregnancy because I was matched to donate stem cells to a man with leukemia. My husband and I used NFP and we are one of many couples that we know of that have never had a “surprise” pregnancy with NFP. In fact, none of the couples I know of that use NFP have had a surprise pregnancy. It isn’t the crazy rhythm method your grandmother used. NFP is based on real research and it is effective even when your cycle is irregular or you have gynecological issues like endometriosis or PCOS. Treatment for PCOS and endometriosis can even be done in conjunction with NFP if you have a NaPro trained physician. The best thing about it is that once you learn how to use it there are no recurring costs. Money and pharmaceutical companies will never dictate or drive my family because I am in control of my health. I know when I am fertile and when I am infertile based on clear signs that are obvious once one has been educated on the topic.
    I also know that I will never unknowingly cause an early abortion. I work in pharmaceutical research so I know how to read the data. A lot of women DO ovulate while on the pill but they are hormonally manipulated to the point that they will not carry the child for very long. ALL hormonal contraceptives have this capability and that is something I want no part of.

    1. Sue Hanley says:

      The Texas “law” that passed was written specifically to target Planned Parenthood. Rep Wayne Christian was quoted by the Texas Tribune and NPR saying that. The legislators well knew what the federal government’s response would be when they wrote and passed it. During the last legislative session, the women’s health program funding was cut from $111 million to $38 million. So, putting this on “Obama” is disingenuous as is your insistence that Texas will fund the women’s health program on their own. Regarding abortion, it is a legal medical procedure, like it or not, so says the US Supreme Court. Contraception is used by the greatest majority of women since its discovery and has not been a problem until this election cycle. These are just plain simple facts. No spin.

  2. SB says:

    I note that Ms Solis uses the term ‘so-called’. My understanding is that ‘so-called’ is “used to describe someone or something that has been given a name that you think is wrong”. (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English et al in various forms). Is Ms Solis reporting the news or commenting on it?

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