Arlington Mayor Faces Inappropriate Comment Allegation

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – An unidentified City of Arlington employee has filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Robert Cluck. The complaint centers on an incident that allegedly occurred in the office of city councilman Robert Rivera on February 7.

The complaint of misconduct or inappropriate behavior was filed on February 27.

In the report the unidentified person stated –

“The Mayor was talking to Councilman Robert Rivera in Mr. Rivera’s office with Fire Department employee David Crow also in his office when Mr. Rivera stated he was going to a conference in D.C. later that day. Mr. Rivera indicated it was a meeting of Latino leaders and Mayor Cluck said, “Oh a bunch of Mexicans.” Mr. Crow said, “I don’t think you can say that. The Mayor said, “What? Mexican?” The Mayor then left the office. The door to Mr. Rivera’s office was open and they were talking very loud when this happened.”

In a phone interview from Washington, D.C., Monday morning, Councilman Rivera said he is not the person who filed the complaint but considers the matter a workplace issue.

In a prepared statement, he told CBS 11 News reporter Bud Gillett, “What is most important is the integrity of the workplace for city employees. It is unfortunate that any employee heard the comments and was offended. This will not be a distraction to the focus of making Arlington a greater city.”

The complaint will be investigated by the Arlington City Manager’s Office.

Cluck released a letter Monday afternoon addressing the allegations:

Dear Friends,

Recently in a brief conversation with City Councilman Rivera I mentioned to him someone in the second floor council chambers had told me he would not be at the evening meeting, and that person thought he was having dinner at a Mexican Restaurant with a group.  So I asked Robert, but I do not remember his response.

Since then there have been suggestions that I mentioned “bunches of Mexicans” at the meeting.  I do not remember using a statement like that.  All of this conversation occurred in public outside of our offices, with other individuals within hearing distance.

The most important issue, however, is that someone was disturbed by my comments.  I offer my sincere apologies to those I have or might have offended by any comments that I might have made.  Of course those apologies extend to Councilmember Robert Rivera, who is an excellent public servant.

It is time to move on with city business.  After nine years as mayor preceded by four years on the city council, I hope it is clear that I have been and continue to be color blind, and that I welcome and encourage diversity in our city.


Mayor Robert Cluck

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One Comment

  1. Ekim Sregor says:

    I’m sorry, but what are a group of Mexican’s called? In my book they could easily be called a “bunch of Mexicans” and I mean nothing degrading about it. It’s time the foolishness of political correctness go away. Much ado about nothing,

    1. dfwman says:

      I agree. There is a county named Mexico. And people from that country are called Mexicans. Just like people from USA are called Americans, Canada = Canadians, etc. Get over it people.

    2. NiteNurse says:

      mmmm…why did Mayor Cluck need to know the race of the group, would it have mattered? As I said before usually when a complaint like this is filed there has been some sort of history behind the oomplaint. Besides someone like him who is in political office should know better.

  2. sour says:

    ” Mr. Rivera indicated it was a meeting of Latino leaders”

    …Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuban, Salvadorian,Phillipino,Guatemalan, blah, blah, blah

    – do you see how ingrained ‘dumba$$” is in some of these Anglos ?

  3. lonestar says:

    Right On Ekim and dfwman! PC manure is destroying America.

  4. NiteNurse says:

    Mayor Cluck is an educated man (medical degree) and should be up to speed on the what is PC in respect to Latinos. I want to believe this is the first and only time he has said this but usually a complaint like this there’s a history. However sometimes we have to excuse older white folks for using terms no longer acceptable. Like my grandma who used the term “colored” when refering to African Americans.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      Mayor Cluck will be 73 in May.

  5. RN says:

    Oh brother, another offended group. Gotta’ love America.

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