CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – A Cedar Hill family lost more than just their car in a carjacking. They lost their dog as well. But he isn’t just “a dog.” The pet, they named Butch Michael Washington, provides comfort to a man with special needs.

It was Monday, but, Marvette Washington was still wearing the hospital bracelet and the clothes she was carjacked in Saturday.

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“I’ve been staying with a friend,” Marvette explained.

Marvette said she and her brother Prentice, who everyone calls “Dude,” couldn’t go back to their home without their dog.

“Everything of his is still there. It would just remind me of him,” she said.

Dude, who’s 36, doesn’t say much. He has Down Syndrome. Marvette, who’s 45, takes care of him.

Marvette was on the phone, talking to a friend who was creating a flier for her missing dog while another friend had driven her to the wrecker service in Lancaster, where her car was towed.

They went inside to see if Marvette could retrieve her purse and see if Butch Michael was hiding under a seat.

“Was the dog in the vehicle when the accident occurred?” the man behind the counter asked.

“Yes sir,” Marvette said.

“The suspect said the dog was still in the back. So, we’re thinking, when they grabbed the suspect the dog fled. But, we’re not sure. Maybe he was hiding in the car,” she told him.

Marvette says it all started at the Walmart in Cedar Hill Saturday afternoon.

It was raining. She was holding an umbrella and loading groceries into the back seat of her car.

Her purse was sitting in the shopping cart. 37-year-old Corey Dunn saw an opportunity and grabbed her purse and then hopped into the driver’s seat.

Dude was sitting in the passenger seat. Butch Michael was in the back.

The suspect started backing up. Marvette clung to the car, pleading with him not to drive away with her brother.

Dunn ignored her and ran over her leg. Fortunately, it didn’t break. He ejected Dude a block away.

Witnesses alerted police, who followed Dunn to the 2600 block of Metropolitan where he crashed. They arrested him.

Tow company employees took Marvette to her car Monday. It had front and back end damage from the crash.

She looked inside and found groceries strewn all over the back seat. The ice cream and milk had spoiled.

She also found her purse. “I don’t know why my ID was out. My credit cards, everything
is still in there,” she said.

But there was no dog. She was upset. “I don’t want this purse no more and the only thing I want is my dog back and we got his food so we’ll be waiting for him,” she said.

Their next stop was Dallas Animal Services, the dog pound. Maybe someone had already picked up Butch Michael and dropped them off.

As she waited, several people walked in with dogs they had found.

Employees let Marvette, Dude and their friend take a look inside to see if Butch Michael was there.

But he wasn’t. Dude seemed worried. “Butch Michael Wash. Butch Michael Wash,” he repeated.

As they left the building Marvette tried to encourage Dude. She told him, “Hopefully we get the fliers out. Now, maybe we got a reward there. Maybe that’ll up the ante for someone to bring him back to us. That’ll be great. You think so Mr. Dude?”

The fliers say Butch is missing from the Cedar Hill neighborhood. He’s described as a three-year-old, male Schnauzer with a black and brown coat. His fur is white on his neck. He weighs 25 pounds.

A friend offered $300 as a reward. Marvette said she’d put in another $300 herself.

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