It’s a battle for bragging rights and perhaps a post-work beer. It’s the great CBS11/TXA21 Hockey Jersey Face Off of 2012.

Created in 2011 by CBS11/TXA21 news assignments manager Mike Pool and CBS11 10pm producer Tom Duerr, the jersey, sweater, jersey faceoff is probably more of an effort for the two dapper professionals to get away with donning sports gear at the office than a battle. Regardless, it’s a testament to my belief that sporting sports gear is truly a sport.

Mr. Pool won the Face Off last year, going with the theme of “NHL Hockey Teams Which No Longer Exist.” Mr. Duerr kept it simple, wearing jerseys from his “Simply the Best” collection.

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Who will win in 2012? You decide.

Day 1

After losing last year, Mr. Duerr attempted to go for a bonus out of the starting gate, bringing an alternate jersey to kick off the week:

day1c The Great CBS11/TXA21 Hockey Face Off 2012day1d The Great CBS11/TXA21 Hockey Face Off 2012

“It’s the old “Buffa-slug” jersey as we called it back home when the Sabres decided to go back to blue and gold, but failed on the logo choice back in 2006,” Mr. Duerr explained.  “But today came with a bonus jersey.”

Indeed it did. Mr. Duerr upped his game, breaking out Dominek Hasek Sabres #39.

“After Mike told me that he was going with his Dominik Hasek Czech Republic jersey, I knew it would make for a classic picture if I posed in my Hasek jersey.” he added. “The theme for that one: DOUBLE DOMINATION…”

I can almost hear the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage saying that: “DOUBLE DOMINATION……”

image003 The Great CBS11/TXA21 Hockey Face Off 2012image004 The Great CBS11/TXA21 Hockey Face Off 2012

As for Mr. Pool’s selection, he has a theme again in 2012.

“I chose to go with international sweaters the first four days this week and will wear Friday one of the all-time classic hockey sweaters. Since hockey is truly a global sport I thought I would wear some colors from around the world,” he said.

“Today’s sweater is a gift from a colleague who was in Prague a couple a years ago and surprised (me) with the Hasek Czech Republic jersey. I figured this sweater is great way to start the week.”


Who won today’s offering?  Cast your vote in the comments section.