TARRANT COUNTY (KRLD) – There’s some worry that North Texas voters are being misled about their ability to vote in the May primaries.

The scare comes because of an e-mail currently being circulated.

Commissioner Roy Brooks addressed the voter registration misdirection with Tarrant County Elections Administrator Steve Raborn, at Tuesday’s Tarrant County Commissioner’s Court meeting.

“So a voter, who has not moved, or changed his or her name doesn’t have to do anything?” asked Brooks. “That’s correct,” responded Raborn. “A card will come in the mail,” Brooks questioned. “Yes sir, that is correct,” verified Raborn.

Most Tarrant County voter cards expired last December.

“These e-mails are informing voters, erroneously, that they need to re-register because their cards have expired,” Raborn said.

While Raborn admits the current cards are expired, he said that doesn’t impact a voters right or ability to cast their ballot.

“Although the cards is expired, your registration never expires.”

New voter cards are going out in the mail next month.

A voter would only need to re-register to vote if they have moved or had a name change.

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