FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Orange barrels and barricades have become part of Rosedale Street’s landscape.

A construction project headed by the Texas Department of Transportation has been underway in the area for more than two years.

Most of the work is done, except for a few portions of the project.

“Oh it’s been going on for years,” says Mary Blakemore who lives in the area. “It’s frustrating it’s still not done.”

The $17 million project is supposed to widen Rosedale from four to six lanes with medians and a new railroad bridge.

“I’m wondering what’s the problem I thought it was funding like everything they put on hold, because of the funding in this neighborhood,” said Blakemore.

The construction work has impacted where Vickie Mills can catch the bus, “I want to see the road get fixed,” she said. “Got to walk a mile to catch the bus.”

The project got underway in 2009, but things have been quiet during the past six months.

TxDOT says it’s not a funding issue; an agency spokesman said the project just ran into a few snags and some rainy days.

“There had been some major unforeseen utility issues that we had to address with the railroad companies and the city,” says Michael Peters, a spokesman for TxDOT. “Utility issues like high pressure gas lines and water lines.”

Peters say until the work on the rail road bridge is completed the new lanes can’t open.

Drivers fed up with the delay just want something done. TxDOT says the project should be completed by the end of the year.