AA Passenger Causes Disturbance After Leaving DFW Airport

passenger disturbance AA Passenger Causes Disturbance After Leaving DFW Airport

(credit: Lori Barber)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A disturbance on-board an American Airlines flight scared passengers and landed a man in police custody Friday.

Flight 2401 left Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport bound for Los Angeles. Passenger Lori Barber said about 15 minutes into the flight a man charged past her, demanding to see the pilot.

Barber told NewsRadio 1080 KRLD the man was hard to miss.

“Well he was wearing two pairs of glasses, one with a red beam coming out of the lens, and he had three or four ‘man purses’ on and he had Superman socks on,” she recalled.

After preventing the man from entering the cockpit, he was subdued and the flight continued.

A spokesman with American Airlines said the FBI took the man into custody at LAX, for exhibiting “suspicious” behavior during the flight.

Barber said the man was acting strangely before boarding the plane and that flight attendants witnessed it. She feels he should not have been allowed to get onboard.

American confirmed that no weapons were found on or used by the passenger.

There were nearly 150 people on-board the plane when the incident happened.

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  • Joseph Bloweth

    I don’t see what the news is… a typical LA loon flew to LA… big deal. People like this grow from trees in La La Land.

    • nolibs

      Seems like one of your Texan freaks escaped the asylum. Send him back!

      • nolibs

        Sorry, Fako, there are plenty of freaks in Austin, Texas. Get in touch with your inner qu33rs and steers. You know you want to.


      • Fake Name

        Oh, please. This is so typical of Los Angeles. You cant throw a stone in Venice, Santa Monica or Hollywood and not hit some aged hippie homeless person and/or college professor that thinks they opened their mind with LSD and now need to make political statements that only their broken minds understand.

    • Raphael

      Say what you will. Without this “cesspool of a city”, a lot of you Southern and farming mouth-breathers wouldn’t have enough change in your pockets for a friggin’ happy meal. There’s good and bad everywhere. This guy does not represent the average Angeleno.We’re a city of very hard working people and heavily populated and the law of averages will tell you that any place with millions and millions of people is going to have a few eccentrics and worse. Put your guns and tea party literature away for a second and visit here for a couple of days. See for yourselves.

      • Bill in Texas

        Looks like the truth hurts, Raphael!

      • Spike

        Been there many times for work and a few for pleasure. While not all residents need a bullet to the brain to put them out of their madness, there were a lot more in LA than in any other city I have ever been to. Something about LA attracts nut jobs like moths to a flame.

      • dr

        omly a fool goes to la with out gun

      • Midwest Farmer

        @ Raphael: You’re a typical angry liberal nut job. WIthout us farmers, you wouldn’t eat. Also, I would like to see you run a large acreage farm. My farm is a multi-million dollar business with multiple pieces of equipment to maintain and operate. Input costs such as seed, fertilizer and fuel must be tightly controled in today’s market. Hardly a job for an idiot as you try to convey by calling us mouthbreathers.

        I have visited LA five times in the last 15 years. During my visits, I found pleasant people well outside the city (in the high desert) but I always encountered a high percentage of complete loons in the city itself. I have NEVER encountered that level of idiots in NYC or Chicago. I certainly would never see that level of idiocy in Des Moines or Sioux Falls.

        So … keep your chaos. We don’t need you either. However … if you want to eat more than dandelions, you need us farmers.

        PS – By ragging on farmers, you also rag on those whom I also found to be the most normla of the CA lot … the CA farmer.

    • Gene

      how right you are LOL

    • Joe Mannix

      So true. I avoid that cesspool of a city (and the whole state for that matter) like the plague.

      • nolibs

        Good. California doesn’t need another loser.

      • John Ramirez

        Joe, You don’t know how blessed you are being able to aviod the whole state, Some of us are trapped here because of the state of the states fiscal condition due to liberal policy’s.

      • brassia

        Hmm, what do you expect -it is Hollydud and Obamaland!

      • Jeff L.

        I’m an LA native. I live in the area and I couldn’t agree with you more. Most of the folks here are nuts. I attribute it to the socialist/liberal indoctrination we got from the public school system here. California will soon be bankrupt, and it’s likely that the rest of the country will pay. I hope that the bailout comes with some strings that will constrain our out-of-control government, but when I look at the example that the Federal Government is setting, I lose hope.

      • FrankD

        @Jeff L – There won’t be any bailout. You’ll sink or swim on your own. I left LA 32 years ago and never looked back.

      • StopSellingLies

        Another made up event. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • Jim

        Jeff L, Sad but true. In any case, thanks for input from an L.A. native…

    • Joe Bite-me

      He was on acid…BFD!

    • Daisy

      Well, at least we now have a photo of “Stop Selling Lies” to look at.

    • Ross Busboy

      I didn’t know Vanilla Ice had aged so badly.

    • Jessie Collander

      i was on the same flight a week ago and it went smoothly other than people hacking from the flu or cold and crying babies. at least we didn’t get some wacko like this man on our flight. I did notice the AA crew was not too cheerful. Maybe they’re upset the bankruptcy is cutting pension and benefits. Maybe this wacko man was once a worker!

    • weeone

      I can’t believe they detained the DNC Chairman……… this political harassment of leading liberal political figures has to stop

    • B.O.

      Another Obama voter makes the news!!!

  • Eric

    This guy can board a plane but have a few drinks and I’ll bet you can’t get on. Sheesh.

    • Joe Mannix

      No kidding. They don’t let me on if my toothpaste is over a certain ounce size, but this a$$hole gets on no problem. Just look at him! LOONEY TUNES!

      • weeone

        please not disparaging remarks about beloved cartoon characters

    • George Garrett

      Just what AA needs. Let some more people like this on the plane.

  • Freq Flyer

    Alec?? Alec Baldwin??

    • brassia

      he may pass for Alec Baldwin after gastric bypass….

    • JDKBama

      that’s funny!!!

  • diane

    no news here…just another Obamloon

    • Cynthia


      • Steve M.

        Yeah, really!!!

      • proudnot2bliberal

        Hey the loon is from LA ! LA is 2nd for Lefty loons only after san fransissyco (an old don imus saying) Please its easier to find a SF giants fan in LA than a conservitive.

    • s

      and your what ??? a CHURCH FREAK

  • Agent VX

    Did the state hospital lose a patient? Oh, wait… The entire state of California is a giant mental institution!

    • weeone

      I’m not, I’m not, i’m not,I’m not, I’m not, i’m not,I’m not, I’m not, i’m not,I’m not, I’m not, i’m not,I’m not, I’m not, i’m not,I’m not, I’m not, i’m not,I’m not, I’m not, i’m not

  • Brenda

    Another fluking idiot wanting his 10 minutes of fame. The world has gone fluking crazy.

    • brassia

      hahahha, English language got enriched with one more word- Flucking….and it can be used in place of foul language…..

      • John

        @ weeone: Yeah, and gay used to mean happy.

      • weeone

        Fluking; the breaching of the surface by a whale on it’s side while extending it’s fluke above the water line. Sea-world stuff:

    • JDKBama

      or gone FLUKE crazy. what a tramp

  • Condor

    At least, thank God, the TSA screened all the 80 year old women in wheelchairs before the flight.

  • Rationalist

    What’s the deal with crazies on planes nowadays ?! I’ve been flying for 25 years and seems like up until the last 5 years or so, except for 9/11, there hasn’t been this much nutty activity. Are people off their meds, or are just going nuts ? I mean, what in the world are people thinking when they go out in public and act this way…?! Also, seems as though most activity is happening on AA – whether it’s flight attendants or someone else off their meds, or the airplane having some sort of malfunction. I used to fly AA all the time – not no more !

    • Crustyrusty

      Nutjobs have been getting on planes for years, but nobody cared until fed.gov got the entire nation paranoid and afraid to get out of bed lest they poop their diapers….

  • Phil

    We need machines that detect unusual / suspicious behavior. Introduce it at airports first, then roll them out at train stations, then sporting events, shopping malls and ultimately on the streets. I for one have nothing to hide, and would gladly sacrifice personal liberty for public safety.list to Janet Dung Beetle Nepolitano, she knows best.

    • stopthe

      No we don’t. We need to chill the f*** out. Everybody is such a pansy nowadays. A guy acts a little eccentric and we all pee our pants. What a bunch of wusses.

      • LibertyLover

        Agreed. Thought the same thing as soon as I read it.

    • Phil

      I am being sarcastic, you morons. And to correct my post the end should read “Listen to Janet Dung Beetle Nepolitano, she knows best”. I, better than 99% of even “awake” folks, realize the tyranny we are entering. I can’t believe you idiots didn’t pick up on the sarcasm. I called the head of Homeland Security a dung beetle, for crying out loud!

      • brassia

        Correction- we aren’t only enetering the tyranny- we are already halfway there…
        We are not even aware of the extend of laws, rules and regulations secretely put in place already.
        For instance did you know that ANY public pool (be it even in hotel ) has to have a lift to lower a person up to 450 pounds into the pool..Law got into effect as of 3/16/12. Failure to do so will result in a law suit…Lawyers are already lining up with the tongues hanging out…

      • Phil

        Does my nickname for Big Sis get censored? I called her a d u n g b e e t l e. Janet ” D u n g B e e t l e” Napolitano.

      • weeone

        Phil (inmate # ??) where should we send your gift boxes? I’m thinking you called her a sheet head. Man are you going to need some cigarettes.

      • LibertyLover

        I got it, Phil, my reply was in reference to the article. The guy sat back down and didn’t cause any problems so no big deal. Eccentricity isn’t against the law… yet.

    • John

      Your solution is to invent a magic machine? really?

      • Phil

        Sadly, behavior sensing machines already exist.

    • rld77


    • weeone

      BUT we have the TSA, didn’t they notice this nut job?

  • Viking 2002. The One And Only.

    Jeff L. – here’s our plan out here in flyover country. Phase I: We’re putting the bleach and a scrub brush to Washington this fall. Phase II: after the rest of OUR assorted fruits and nuts void their bowels out of the sheer terror that we adults took back our country, they’ll likely gravitate to your front yard like moths to a flame. THEN when Kali goes bankrupt, we’re cutting off the welfare tap. So, I suggest that you and the rest of the other sane Californians – all nine of you – prep a bug-out bag, load the U-Haul, pack up the kids and the family pets, and evacuate before we implement Phase III, which is to kick the gaddamn territory out of the Republic in perpetuity after we install one-way turnstiles on our new western border.

    • stopthe

      f**in right, give it back to Mexico. Who needs it? The mexicans would do a better job of running california. I’m down with La Raza, OPP and all of that.

    • bif

      You will starve without all of Cali’s tax dollars flowing into your backwoods swampland state

      • stopthe

        Are you claiming CA is a net source of funds, instead of a giant fiscal sinkhole? lol. GTFO.

      • brassia

        You got it all wrong-CA may send money in, but takes way way more back!!!

      • Bill in Texas

        Most of California’s tax dollars left the state. They’ve set up business in Arizona and especially Texas.

      • CJ

        Huh? Put down the bong, pal, Kalifornia is broke! What other state are they supporting if they can’t even support themselves?

      • 51Phantom

        And this is why the rest of the country will have to bail them out next month?

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    […] really, if it wasn’t for the careful work of the TSA, this sort of thing would be more common. Flight 2401 left Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport bound […]

  • Thank You TSA

    Another TSA success story. Not.

  • ditchdigger2

    Sad, looks like a retired 1960 College Proffessor that missed Woodstock. Certified nut case.

  • Beavis

    I want to party with him.

  • homer

    Umm, can anyone place a foot into the aisle walking space and trip idiots like this onto their stupid face?

  • cletus van damme

    One great big festering neon distraction

  • Daniel

    There are some people who love attention and will do anything to achieve attention. Look at the way this man has dressed himself. It says it all. This may be an extreme case but, nevertheless that is what this is all about. However, I think such an individual should pay a stiff penalty for fulfilling his selfish desires at everybody else’s expense.

  • wow

    America… This guy’s vote counts as much as yours.

    • stopthe

      Doesn’t matter. There is no one worth voting for.

    • brassia

      Well, we actually see and live voting results of 2008

    • weeone

      In Californication, they count his vote twice.

  • bernie

    take me to the pilot
    take me to the pilot
    take me to the pilot of your chamber

  • Afterheart

    Most likely a TSA false flag to make it seem like they are needed. Thos clowns will do anything for pulbicity. Molestation anybody.

  • http://eagleinncy.wordpress.com Eagle in NYC

    Flying to Los Angeles? I think pops got into his “medical” marijuana a bit early.

  • hereandnow

    Maybe he wanted to offer the pilot fashion tips?

  • Scott Cunningham

    I think we finally found Gary Busey

    • Bill in Texas

      Busey is doing car ads in Houston right now.

  • Jsmith

    How did this knucklehead, who was clearly a nutjob, get on the plane in the first place? Thanks TSA — you incompetent morons!

    • weeone

      NOW NOW Jsmith, me nice to morons!

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