Examining The Broad Reach Of Depression

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) – Here’s something depressing. The Centers for Disease Control says roughly one in 10 Americans is depressed — the Land of Opportunity apparently offering a lot of opportunity for misery.

“It really started to take hold for me in my 40s, and I would have these depressive episodes,” said novelist Louis Bayard. “In the middle of the Starbucks line, I would just, like, start welling up with tears. So, that this was happening was very strange to me and I couldn’t figure it out.” Bayard had no obvious reason to cry. In fact, he seemed to have every reason in the world to be happy. “I was living a really good life by my standards,” he told Spencer. “I was doing the work I wanted to do. I had people to love. I had a nice house. I had all the sort of markers of happiness, right? And it still wasn’t sinking in.”

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  1. TheNiteNurse says:

    Recently on 60 minutes a medical researcher found that people with mild to moderate depression do not benefit from anti-depression medication. He found that only severely depressed patients benefit from medication. Saying that he said that routine exercise and chat therapy actually does a better job then medication. He said that the reason the mild to moderate depressed patients did better is because of the placebo effect the medication gave.
    So if you’re depressed exercise, chat therapy, eat healthy, and volunteer!

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