New Christian License Plates Available In Texas

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Some new Texas license plates will carry a strong Christian message. Here in the middle of Lent, new Calvary Hill license plates are available in Texas.

“The image on the plate is three cross; the inscription on the bottom, is ‘One State Under God,'” said Kim Drummond, spokeswoman for

Part of the $55 annual fee for the new plate goes to Glory Gang, an East Texas group that helps at-risk children. She doesn’t expect a strong backlash to the religious theme.

“It doesn’t mean they’re advocating for a group; it simply means they recognize there is a group in Texas that would enjoy this plate,” Drummond said. has put more than $9 million into state coffers since it began selling specialty plates in 2009. Here’s a test plate with CBSDFW insignia on it:

cbsdfw plate New Christian License Plates Available In Texas

A test version of the new Calvary Hill license plate with CBSDFW used as a test. (Credit:

Head here to design your own.


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  1. Jack says:

    This is fine, but I would like it recognized that if there had been an agnostic or atheist statement on a license plate, all religious fanatics would would be up in arms. Typical hypocrites, only think free speech is meant for them.

    1. It is what it is. says:

      Yep, at least they cost them money. If it were to say ‘One state under reason’ everyone would be ready to slash your tires. Oh well.

  2. jessibmiller says:

    Someone needs to tell Karen Borta that it’s CALVARY church NOT cavalry!

  3. DallasGuy says:

    “one state under god”. That statement was added in 2007 by a bunch of bureaucrats that wanted to get re-elected. There was no logical reason to add that part, and to me it is a direct contradiction of the idea of separation of church and state. and I am referring Jefferson’s quote of, ” …government is not to interfere with religion”

  4. John Lewis says:

    So where’s the Jewish and Islamic plate offerings? How about Buddhist and Hindu?


    If this is being offered in fairness, it should be offered to ALL belief systems shouldn’t it? And if it is not–the State name should not go onto this abomination, as it does not reflect ALL the possible permutations of superstitious belief out there.

    1. Lovette Cherry says:

      Then you or anyone else who doesn’t want to purchase one of these tags shouldn’t purchase one. It’s not for everyone just the one’s who want to purchase. Anyone can submit their own idea for a tag John.

      1. John Lewis says:

        But can they get the State to approve the idea? -or are only those that follow approval by the State going to be approved?

  5. altha says:

    Have anybody ever seen a white person fair i mean Christian white’s?

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