Study Says Moms Of Autistic Kids Earn 56 Percent Less

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) – When a child in the family has autism, parents and siblings often devote extra time and financial resources to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child’s future. A new study puts a number on the financial toll the disorder takes on families each year.

On average, family earnings when a child has autism are 28 percent lower than those of a child without a health limitation, the study found — nearly $18,000 less money for the family per year. “Our results suggest a significant economic burden for families of children with ASD, especially for mothers,” study co-author Dr. Zuleyha Cidav, a postdoctoral mental health researcher at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, said in a university written statement.

Mothers of children with autism earned 56 percent less money — almost $15,000 per year — than moms of children who didn’t have a health problem, and 35 percent less money — nearly $7,200 — than moms of a child with a health issue other than autism.

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One Comment

  1. Read up 'Pro-Life' folks says:

    Be sure and read this well, those of you who hate choice. If you want to take that away, then be sure to be ready to part with your tax dollars to support families who make the ‘loving and selfless choice to choose life.’ There are life-long implications to giving birth to a fetus with challenges. Yes, there can be many rewards, but the community MUST step up and help if they are going to FORCE a woman to have that baby. Read and learn, you can’t have it all.

    1. TheNiteNurse says:

      I’m not a OB nurse but as far as I know there is NO prenatal test for autism. They aren’t really sure what causes autism. So I’m not sure why you are arguing about why a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy if she thinks she has a child with autism.

      1. The Point says:

        The point is that kids with disabilities require life-long financial care, as this study shows. No, there is no prenatal test to screen for autism. If you are a nurse then that should be clear. This study, however, shines a light on an area that many ‘pro-life-advocates’ like to keep in the dark: post-natal funding for families that cannot afford the care for children with disabilities. They want to cut funding to public healthcare and social services, public education and wellness programs yet kill options for birth control and choice.

  2. TheNiteNurse says:

    I would like to know who funded this study. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a special needs child requires a parents time and attention.

    1. I question your claimed occupation says:

      So what’s the problem with getting specifics and trying to figure out a solution to the problem? I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the common cold makes you sick and is contagious, why study how sick it makes you and what its potential to spread is?
      (The study was funded by Dr. Zuleyha’s university, obviously)

  3. Ann Kilter says:

    Really? Parents of children with disabilities now need to feel guilty for bringing children with disabilities into the world because it costs tax payers money????
    I can’t believe you would use this article to promote your extreme views regarding abortion because you don’t be inconvenienced with the suffering of others. You want to spare them? You want to say children with autism have no right to life because it takes a village to raise them? There are many odd people this world who have made major contributions in this life because of their ability to focus intensely in one area of study.

    1. Nope, read it again says:

      Nope, you completely missed the point. I never said anything promotion abortion. What was said is that you need to vote for funding federal programs to support these families after the child with disabilities is born. Vote to help families cover health costs and child care costs and education costs of special needs kids, because they have a lot! My son has mild autism and it is a financial burden. He is wonderful and a gift, but we struggle working full time jobs to provide for his needs and be there for him, mainly because of this too bad for everyone else GOP mindset.

      1. Ann Kilter says:

        If I missed the point, it is because your argument is not clear.You take the most extreme position in order to make your point.

  4. Ann Kilter says:

    No. I did not miss the point at all. In supporting choice, you are saying that should be an option for parents who cannot afford to have a baby with disabilities. So the option should be for those parents to abort their babies because we cannot afford to raise them. I have two children with autism which I have raised to adulthood. And one child with other differences. The two with autism have graduated from college, and the third is in college. I could not work in part because daycare was so prohibitive and in part because daycare openings vanished once I said that my children had autism. I also stayed home and took them to all their therapies. Obviously, this working class family could not afford state of the art therapies for even one of their kids. But they did alright. Blood, sweat, and tears did the work. I agree that the GOP wants to cut many services because of the cost. That is the reason that I have become an independent. Eugenics should not be part of this at all.

  5. Howard Gottlieb says:

    I am not sure what conclusion you are arriving at? Is the low salary the result of having the autistic child? Or is it a stereotypical low wage earner that is more likely to have an autistic child?

    Howard Gottlieb

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