FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Two young brothers in Fort Worth had a choice between wrong and right… they chose the latter. The boys told police of a burglary and even handing over hundred dollars bills they were given by the thieves to be quiet.

Tuesday, 11-year-old LaDarius and 9-year-old LaDarian Martin were honored as heroes at the Fort Worth City Council meeting.

Deputy Police Chief Rhonda Robertson handed certificates to the brothers who helped police solve a burglary they witnessed.

“We’re here today to pay tribute and recognize two young boys who are loved by the Fort Worth Police Department, and the community, for their selfless act of heroism,” Robertson said before the council. “Boys, your mother and your grandmother they taught you right. They taught you how to make good decisions and now you’re a shining example to others.”

It was two days after Christmas 2011 when LaDarius, a 5th Grader, said he saw something odd near his east Fort Worth apartment complex.

“There was these people that threw a rock at these people’s window,” he recalled.

LaDarian, a 3rd Grader, remembered what happened next. “They broke the window they came back and unlock the door and they started taking stuff.”

Three burglars ultimately stole a flat-screen television, laptop computer and other things from the boys’ neighbor.

As the thieves left they gave each of the boys a one hundred dollar bill and said, ‘don’t tell anybody’.

The brothers said the money wasn’t a temptation and they knew they couldn’t stay quiet.

hero brothers 2 City Council Honors Young Boys For Selfless Act Of Heroism

Fort Worth brothers LaDarian Martin (L) and LaDarius Martin (R) play outside. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

LaDarius took the lead and said he thought, “This is not gonna go good on our record ‘cause we have lots of things to do after we get out of college. We should like do something that can help us get into a college and achieve our dreams,” the young man quickly gave his sibling instructions, “I told my brother we will have to tell police anyways.”

Officers were able to catch up with two of the thieves right away and even recovered some of the stolen property.

After the incident it was LaDarius who paid a price for doing the right thing. One of the accused burglars, who went to school with him, started a fight with him.

“Pretty much, I kind of got jumped,” he said.

This time it was an adult who did the right thing. An adult neighbor saw the attack, approached the group and ultimately broke up the fight.

Despite everything they went through, the brothers said they’re glad they did the right thing.

In addition to being presented with gift bags and certificates noting their heroism, Mayor Betsy Price personally congratulated the pair and the boys got a standing ovation from the city council.

“What a brave thing to do guys,” Mayor Price told the youngsters. “We are very proud of you… that’s part of what makes Fort Worth such a livable city.”

Fort Worth city leaders literally seemed to be bursting with pride for LaDarius and LaDarian. Deputy Police Chief Robertson even half joked, “In a few years we do plan on recruiting them to the Fort Worth Police Department.”

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