Perry’s Pages Overwhelmed With Women’s Health Questions

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Rick Perry may be governor of Texas, but he’s ‘Doctor Perry’ to thousands of angry women on Facebook, facetiously seeking ‘advice’ on women’s health issues.

Questions are about everything menstruation to menopause and anything in between.

Cait Webb wrote, “Dear Governor Perry: My period is three days late. I was a sinner and got my tubes tied over a year ago. Should I be concerned? Or should I just wear white and hope for the best?”

The questions are interspersed among comments on the Perry for President page.

The questions overwhelmed the Give Rick a Chance page.

Though the Give Rick a Chance page seems to have been started during the Governor’s run for the presidency and in preparation for the South Carolina Primary, sarcastic health care questions and comments are still being posted.

The comments follow the Governor’s role in cutting millions in federal Medicaid funding for
the Texas Women’s Health Program so the money won’t go to Planned Parenthood Clinics.

Planned Parenthood funds abortions, but federal dollars never went to clinics that performed them.

Women were upset that hundreds of thousands of low-income Texas women will be left without access to women’s healthcare.

Responding to the Facebook campaign, Kelly Hart with Planned Parenthood of North Texas said, “It will be hard to revitalize this successful program, but women’s health supporters are sending a clear message that they are going to try.”

“They’re just trying to alert the public about their concerns, and Facebook is an excellent way to do that,” said SMU student Olivia Book.

As for the facetious nature of the posts, Book said, “You’re going to get so many ‘likes’ if your comment is more facetious and entertaining. If you post something and people think it’s funny or people like it, then it’s going to show up on a news feed and it will merit more attention,” she added.

So it appears with Facebook, sarcasm will get you everywhere.

Governor Perry was not without his supporters. But they appear far outnumbered by detractors in this latest campaign.

In response to the Facebook posts, Governor Perry’s spokesperson Catherine Frazier said:

“These are not just sarcastic comments, they are inappropriate and do nothing to advance the important discussion about issues surrounding the Women’s Health Program. It’s clear many of these individuals are basing their opinions on something other than the facts – Gov. Perry is proud of his efforts to keep this program going with or without the federal government, and will continue to fight for our state’s fair share of the federal tax dollars that have funded WHP.”

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One Comment

  1. scott says:

    Why dont he send to the feds the information on the districts and the population in them from his state so the dollars can go where they are most needed anyone can bully berate and belittle women you dont even have to be the govener to do this but to pay to play politica with womens healthcare just to make a republican stance for the sake of making one is another.

  2. PlanoTexan says:

    These women need to direct these comments to Obama and kathleen Sebelius since they are the ones that refuse to send our tax $$ back to the state to pay for this. As Texans, we should be outraged at them that they take our tax money and then send it to Obama supporters such as Solyndra, etc.

    1. Jo Hargis says:

      @PlanoTexan: And you need to educate yourself on the real facts in this case. Try to set your hatred for the black president aside, difficult as I can tell that might be for you.

      No federal monies went to PP for the use of abortion. So there was no NEED for Perry to refuse federal monies because of his witch hunt against PP because of the abortions they perform, because one had nothing to do with the other. Let Perry take responsibility for the choices he’s made and stop blaming Obama for the boil on your butt. Perry has now cut off his own nose to spite his face. Kathleen Sebelius isn’t “refusing” to send the money; Perry knew full well what the requirements were for getting federal funds, the same as the other 49 states must adhere to. He made the choice to refuse the funds, not Ms. Sebelius. You republicans are all for “responsibility” [cough]. Let Perry take responsibility for what he’s done here.

      By the way, have we heard yet which program he plans to gut to cover his witch hunt yet?

  3. Texas says:

    This is the perfect example of the GOP mentality, they hate women.

  4. delos says:

    You dummy’s elected these morons live with it.

  5. andy_txn says:

    Why do Greedy Old Palatines hate women? Oh yea, they a vagina &half a brain, which is more brain than these morons have

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