EAST DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Rebecca and Mark Taylor bought their home in the 2200 block of Lakeland Drive, because they wanted a big backyard. Unfortunately for them, it’s getting smaller and smaller. “That’s a tear-jerker,” explained Rebecca. “Slowly but surely over the years, we’re just losing more and more of trees,” she added.

Two massive trees on the Taylor’s property have toppled over in the past two weeks, including one that came crashing down after heavy rain fell Monday and Tuesday. “We’ve lost four 100-year-old trees in the past two years,” recalled Mark.

The Taylors say their trees are falling like dominos because a creek than runs along their backyard is rapidly eroding their land. “I’ve lost a significant amount of property along the creek bed and it has accelerated significantly over the past 18 months,” explained Mark.

trees in a creek Erosion Leaves Dallas Couple Up A Creek Without A Paddle

Erosion topples two massive trees into an East Dallas creek

The couple says they’ve asked the city of Dallas for help, but so far, help has not arrived. “My children love exploring along these trees,” said Rebecca. “I don’t even think it’s safe for them anymore. You never know what’s going to go next,” the mother of three added.

The house next door to the Taylors is in a more precarious situation, because the concrete retaining wall that rises up to the house is buckling.

A city engineer came out to survey the erosion. However, Dallas City spokesman, Jose Torres, says the Taylors and their next-door neighbors own the creek and so it’s their responsibility to remove fallen trees and to build a restraining wall.

But the Taylors say they’ve been instructed by the city not to alter the creek and the couple says they can’t afford to build a retaining wall because their property along the creek extends for more than acre.

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