calatrava 3 Hunt Hill Bridge Opening Questionable, Speed Limits Set

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas. Photo by Jay Gormley, CBS 11

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Next week the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is set to open to vehicle traffic, but recent rains could force another delay.

The bridge was originally scheduled to open March 5, now recent rains have again put the opening date in jeopardy.

City of Dallas spokesman Jose Torres issued a statement Wednesday morning stating, in part, “At this time we do not know if there will be any impact on construction because of recent rains.”

Duane Milligan, the construction engineer for the bridge, said the decision on possible changing the March 29 opening date will be made next week.

“What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna meet TxDOT and the City of Dallas on Monday and kind of review the site and make a determination at that time,” he said.

The bridge opening date may be in question, but we now know how fast drivers will be able to travel across the structure.

Milligan says the speed limit will be gradually reduced to 35 miles per hour on the bridge from Woodall Rogers, which has a speed of 50 miles per hour. The speed limit will drop again, to 30 miles an hour, as drivers come off the bridge.

“As you get towards the bridge, to the west of Riverfront, that’s where it’ll step down to 35 [mph]. And then at Beckley, where it ties into Singleton Boulevard, that is existing 30 miles per hour,” explained Mulligan.

Officials say the opening day speed limits are just a test and that a traffic study needs to be conducted. Unfortunately, the study can’t get underway until there’s actual traffic on the bridge.

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