By J.D. Miles

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – If you ever wanted to know whether the restaurant you’re walking into has a clean kitchen, all you have to do in Plano is carry a smartphone.

The city is the first in the state to offer instant access to restaurant health inspections.

By placing a Quick Response, or QR, code on the restaurant’s publicly-displayed permit, Plano is allowing smartphone owners  instant access to health information on the roughly 1,400 restaurants in the city.

Apps like Google’s ‘Goggles’ program can easily read the bar codes, which are supposed to be posted so customers can find them when they can’t see behind the kitchen door.

Customers who walk into a steakhouse could find out before they order that the latest inspection found violations for an unclean ice machine, or patrons of a fast food restaurant might avoid a hamburger that  was found to be cooked at an improper temperature.

CBS 11’s JD Miles tested out how the program is working for the city:

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