Father Of Student Attacked In South Padre Wants Justice

CAMERON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – After his son was brutally attacked on South Padre Island, the father of a Dallas college student is now looking for justice.

Derek Madrigal was beaten with the lid of a cooler and stabbed on a crowded beach last weekend. According to police, the Brookhaven Community College student was attacked while trying to protect his girlfriend from men who were harassing her.

As a result of his injuries,  21-year-old Madrigal, also known as “DJ,” has undergone two surgical procedures and continues to recover at a Harlingen hospital.

To date, one man, 33-year-old Michael Rangel from San Antonio, has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon for the attack.

Initially bond for the suspect was set at $20,000, but a judge increased the amount to $100,000.

The victim’s father, Frank Madrigal, told CBS television station KGBT that he doesn’t think the charges are tough enough.

“We need to be diligent that we really bring the right kind of closure to this incident,” he said. “As far as the charges, I can only tell you that although I feel that they’re far lower than they should be I’m committed to working with the district attorney.”

Police continue to investigate the incident and are talking with witnesses and viewing cell phone videos from people on the beach, in hopes of identifying the other men involved in the attack.

Frank Madrigal had harsh words for the wanted suspects. “How dare you! How low you are! You’re nothing but gutless cowards, faceless cowards,” he said. ““Man up! Do the right thing and present yourself, as I am.”

Madrigal said his son is healing slowly, from multiple stab wounds, but is in good spirits.

Derek Madrigal graduated from Richardson High School in 2009.

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One Comment

  1. Sqwib says:

    They stuck him several times with a knife. How in the world could this be an assault. It was attempted MURDER! Watch the video judge

    1. Chris says:

      What in the hell is a 33 year old loser doing at a college kids spring break? Get a life loser!

      1. Troll Slayer says:

        My thoughts exactly. Throw this loser in prison. What a POS!

    2. sharon says:

      I am not only outraged with the Assault charge, I am outraged at the 100’s of people recording and standing around. Barbaric. I think the SPI Police should be investigated on their lack of response. Were they really not aware that it was spring break and something could go terribly wrong on their watch. I think people should be warned nationally against SPI like they warn against the serious dangers of spring break in Mexico. Shame on the MOB that recorded and watched.

      1. Ms. Henry says:

        I agree. This is sad, but in some cases its just difficult to intervene due to the large number of people and the possibility of retaliation. However, there were enough people around to stick together and stop the attack. Shameful!!

      2. sharon says:

        Thank you for your response. I still think 100’s of people VS. 10 people, the odds are in favor of the majority. If this were a child or woman would people have responded or just recorded. Either way, the few terrified the many, and that is exactly what the cartels on the border do. I, as a woman, still would have jumped in to help the man. There were healthy looking men(Boys, really) that did nothing. South Padre is dangerous, period. I would never recommend this as a destination for anyone. South Padre Island has a responsibility to be aware and police stocked full for such problems, they failed. So did the children there with cell phone videos of the horrific attempted murder. Cold.

      3. ImNotBuyingIt says:

        They (spectators and thugs) should go to church today and absorb what god says about your fellow man. They should really be ashamed. Don’t know how they sleep at night… Oh I know, another beer!

  2. roy gaskill says:

    The charge needs to be increased. This was a violent act of attempt of murder. I did watch the video and someone change the music venue and a lot of activity will stop.

  3. sharon says:

    This young man was brutally attacked and hundreds of people stood and watched, shame on the majority that saw this and were able to help, they just watched. Mob mentality, I think so. they are all responsible for the aid of another human being attacked. They disgust me. The attackers were attempting murder, not assault. I could never just stand with a cell phone and record and not step in. Losers all the way around in Spring Break Padre Island, never go there. Cartels have landed on Padre.

  4. susan says:

    it is obvious from the video the man was brutally attacked with the ice chest and he was bloody from being stabbed..this was not just assault but attempted murder..the charges should be upgraded and others from the video iidentified…justice down in the valley are of texas is strange however, as are the police and sheriffs dpem there..its not quite the same as other parts of texas..

    1. sharon says:

      I am afraid SPI will go into self protection mode, and this will be forgotten next year.

  5. Juan says:

    I was involved in something like this in SPI one time about 7 year ago. One person fight turned into a 100 person melee. I agree it’s tough to jump in on something like this, you feel as if you defend him you’ll be the next one bloodied and on the ground alone. Noone wins in this situation but these cowards need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent. One thing to beat a dude when he’s down, but stab and coolers – from 10 people nonetheless? I’m mexican-american, but these guys are worthless thugs from San Antonio. Probably work at a body shop and troll at Padre Island with their $25k a year salary

  6. JAYJAY says:


  7. Mike g says:

    Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and MSNBC on this one? Oh, that’s right, the victim is white and the perps are black. My bad.

  8. Ms. Blkdignity says:

    Well, I see the haters and racists are out in force today spewing the venom they were told to repeat by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Can’t we at least agree that young Mr. Rangel is the real victim here – arrested for the “crime” of acting out a symbolic reparation in solidarity with with all oppressed peoples of the planet.

    The haters and the white conservative nazis need to crawl back to their AM radios and leave the rest of us alone. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh need to end their calls for violence against members of our community.

    1. Joe Friday says:

      Troll alert

  9. TXguy says:

    Well… gonna start carrying my gun to the beach now.

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