MINERAL WELLS (CBSDFW.COM) – Mary Creighton could talk history all day long, “All my life I’ve enjoyed reading about history and learning about history.”

Lately the Mineral Wells mother says there’s something that’s stumped her.

“We are just mystified by this cannon,” says Creighton looking at the cannon near the Medal of Honor Memorial which is under construction at Fort Wolters.

The Fort Wolters Gate Committee is now desperately trying to find its history.

It’s headed by Creighton, who walks around the brown cannon Friday afternoon and points to the wheels, “It would be something if we found out these wheels are from the 1930s, which very well could be.”

The cannon was a fixture at West City Park until recently.  That’s when a crew moved it to Fort Wolters in Parker County.

“We really don’t know when it got there or how long it’s been there,” explains Creighton “So we are trying our best to do some research on this mystery.”

The group just solved the mystery surrounding an orange metal helicopter from the early 70s, “It was at the playground too, and it was there in the 70s because my children played on it then.”

It has been restored and now also sits at the memorial “It’s in honor of Fort Wolters and the helicopter pilots who came through here.”

As for the cannon, the committee has some leads, but nothing concrete.  If you know the story behind the cannon call Creighton at (940) 325-8224.

An earlier version of this story listed an incorrect phone number for Creighton.  We regret the error.

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