Rally In Dallas Calls For Arrest In Teen Death

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A rally was held for slain teen Trayvon Martin at City Hall in Dallas on March 24, 2012. (Credit: Jason Allen/KTVT)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Community members rallied for justice for a 17-year-old at an event Saturday set up by 17-year-olds. The group of more than 100 joined rallies across the nation in support of an arrest in the shooting death of a Florida teenager.

On the steps in front of Dallas city hall, participants shouted “no justice, no peace.”

They held pictures of Trayvon Martin, the boy killed in Sanford, FL. The man who shot Martin, George Zimmerman, has not been arrested because police say a broad self-defense lawapplies in the case.

Students from Townview Magnet Center school in Dallas said they started looking last week for a local rally they could attend. When they couldn’t find one to fit their school schedule, they simply decided to put together their own.

“I didn’t see why, just go ahead and do it, and they were willing to help me,” said teacher Jessica Guilbeaux.

She brought up the Martin case in class last week. She said students identified once they saw a picture of Martin and decided he looked just like any one of them. “It really scared them and they wanted to do something about it beyond just Tweeting about it or Facebooking about it,” she said.

It was emotional for students like James Spears, who started to choke up at the thought of something similar happening to his younger nephew. “When this is over I can go home to Reginald and I can give him a hug and I can say I loved him once more,” he said. “But Zimmerman stripped that, from the Martin family.”

Student Gabriel Martin said he never expected to find himself organizing or even attending a political event. The case has had students doing unexpected things.

Guilbeaux said they started looking up the Florida stand-your-ground law and comparing it to laws in Texas. On Saturday, students were collecting signatures on a petition urging local legislators not to overturn, but at least reconsider some Texas gun laws.

“The laws govern the way we live our lives accordingly, so if we’re going to make any changes we have to become one, unite, and then see what we can do.”
More rallies are planned in North Texas next week including at UT Arlington and UNT in Denton.

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One Comment

  1. kf8295 says:

    So trespassing, repeatedly ignoring warnings from an obvious authority figure, antagonizing said authority figure, acting in a threatening manner, and assaulting that authority figure is perfectly okay and should be allowed with no consequences whatsoever?

    1. TheWalkingDead says:

      Getting shot is a bit much don’t you think? How can you be so bitter?

      1. Mr. Bigglesworth says:

        He’s and insomniac, lack of sleep can affect mental capcities and that’s a fact and for sure.

    2. Righty says:

      The idiot was told to stay in the car and not pursue. He decided to get out of the car, ignoring the 911 operator, when he should have waited for the police to arrive. The fact that he pursued voids the self-defense clause in Florida’s Castle Law.

  2. kf8295 says:

    If the law says that you are allowed to shoot someone in self defense, and then you get assaulted, you are allowed to shoot someone.. That doesn’t make me bitter. What would make me bitter, if anything would in this case, is that we’re just now hearing about it. The shooting occurred on February 26. If it was actually THAT big of a deal, it would be leading the newscasts on February 27. Oh, and some idiot tried to compare this to Emmitt Till.

    1. wasjustified says:

      Thank you, kf8295.

    2. Righty says:

      AS I replied to the other MORON on this board, the guy was told to stay in the car and not pursue. He decided to get out of the car, ignoring the 911 operator, when he should have waited for the police to arrive. The fact that he pursued voids the self-defense clause in Florida’s Castle Law.

      1. kpeugh says:

        So, what authority does this 911 operator have? Your argument is ridiculous.

      2. Mr. Bigglesworth says:

        kpeugh, A 911 operator is a police dispatcher with years of training and the backing of civil government. Zimmerman is a lumpy vigilante with psycho-cop-lone-ranger fixation. Who’e advice should you take?

    3. altha says:

      KF8295 How old are you? maybe you’re just so bitter you can’t think. The police dept. kept putting this family off so this wouldn’t get into the news they new what was going to happen. After the family found-out they were doing nothing, they made contact everything else came to play as of now. (You’re stupid)

  3. J. Leslie Thompson says:

    This is the second time I’ve tried to post, so if this seems familiar because I don’t understand internet procedures, I apologize. kf8295, I don’t know which media outlet you’ve followed the events concerning this killing on, but the evidence in the news reports (not a court room for sure) show that Trayvon was visiting his folks in the community. He was walking home from a quick errand for snacks. Zimmerman, in a civilian vehicle was stalking him on his completely legal walk home. Zimmerman was a self appointed neighborhood patrol, the Sheriff’s Association which oversees and trains real Neighborhood Watches have no record of a real Neighborhood Watch in the community. The 911 calls show that the dispatcher advises Zimmerman to stop following Martin. Martin’s girlfiriend’s phone conversation shows that Martin was aware he was being followed and thought he got away from a threat. The girlfriend’s conversation also shows that Zimmerman confronted and shoved Martin. Zimmerman’s injuries show that Martin tackled and punched Zimmerman in a textbook ‘stand your ground’ response. The neighbors’ 911 calls show that Zimmerman was squealing like a little girl when he shot Martin after being knocked to the ground. Zimmerman couldn’t be considered an authority figure in any rational person’s eyes, and the person with self defense rights in this case was killed.

  4. FedUpTxn says:

    I agree that the color of one’s skin, or the clothes they wear do not make them a criminal. But I do not agree with hordes of people who will get all up in arms over what they think is a race issue when they don’t have all the facts. This happens all to often when the African American community automatically is outraged by anything involving anyone of the same race. it’s irrational and makes them appear foolish to the rest of the population.

    1. Mr. Bigglesworth says:

      Except that at 2:22 in the recording of the 911 call, Zimmerman whispers “f*cking coons” I might agree with you.

  5. Martial law says:

    I don’t think this is a race issue. I think this is much bigger than that. This is about a law that can conveniently be construed to make it open season on young Black men. Just like Emmitt Till

    1. Mr. Bigglesworth says:

      The ‘stand your ground’ law in Florida has made it easier to kill people in barrooms or in road rage over the neighbor’s fence. It’s open season on anybody.

    1. nonya says:

      Come one, Crusty. Only white people can be racist **sarcasm

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