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Spring Break has come and gone without any weather disasters or trips to the hospital, and for the Rogers family, this is a noteworthy accomplishment.  Simply put, spring breaks in previous years haven’t been good to us.  For me, it goes all the way back to the March of my 14th year.  We’d recently moved to Denver and were driving back to Dallas to visit family, just my sister, my mother and I, cruising across the prairie in the middle of a tornado outbreak that the old-timers still talk about to this day.

In later years, with a family of my own, the horror of spring break evolved into various skiing-related disasters.  Blizzards, floods, flat tires, sunburns, a trip to the emergency room in Albuquerque to treat a cold sore.  Why, no, I’m NOT kidding.

In the spring of 2003, we endured two days of rain in Destin, huddled in our tent, cold and unhappy.  When the skies finally cleared, we raced down to those beautiful white sand beaches, at which point the boss called and told me to get back to Dallas immediately because the invasion of Iraq had begun (apparently the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom depended on my being on the air).

The common thread to these events is that they all involve travel, which is why, for the past few years, the Rogers have opted to spend spring at home.  Martha and I don’t even take time off anymore.  Why tempt fate?  Spring break is now just another week around our house…well, except for the girls not being in school, which brings up the one drawback to this strategy.  We had originally assumed that by staying at home, we’d be saving money – no airfare, no hotels, no eating out.  What we didn’t count on were the girls spending their days running around with friends, hanging out at the mall, going to movies and burning as much gas as if we HAD hit the road.

In the end, the financial hit is about the same, but you know what?  If it keeps us out of those ER’s in New Mexico, let the stay-cations continue.  We’ll go somewhere this summer.

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