Dallas is known for having the biggest and best of everything. From the home to world champion sport teams, to the new haven for major corporations, Dallas has a little bit of everything for everyone. Unfortunately for men, there is a lack of space in their own homes. Men are screaming for a space to call their own. The garage is the perfect room in the home to convert into a safe haven or “man cave.”

DFWsearchhomes.com advises against garage conversions citing that they usually depreciate the value of homes. “When most buyers approach a home with a converted garage their attitude changes. If the asking price of real estate increases due to a garage conversion, the house takes forever to sell, usually after many price reductions.”

But there are options for using your garage as the ultimate man cave without the hassle and expense of a full conversion and possible loss in resale value. So where do you start? How do you know it will be the perfect place? And what about the car? Here are five items you will need to change your garage into the garage Mahal.

1. Flooring
Seconds and Surplus

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Dallas, Texas 75247
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Regardless of whether your car is brand new or a beat up clunker, more likely than not, you will eventually experience a fluid leak. Flooring for your garage man cave is important. You can either resurface the entire floor or find a spot certain area you’d like to utilize and work on flooring for that portion of the garage. If you are going with a resurfacing strategy, using a concrete sealer should be your first step.

2. Shelving
Lonestar Material Handling

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Every good room needs storage, and if you are using your garage for your newfound man cave, you will need plenty of storage for those “not-so-sure-where-to-put-this” items. You can also avoid cluttering up your house by installing additional cabinets and shelves in the garage.

3. New Doors
Reliable Garage Door
1920 Abrams Pkwy
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As you convert your garage into your man cave, you may have realized that you have a need for new doors. There are many doors to choose from, including storm doors for the outside for a full conversion. New interior doors are also an easy and affordable way to spruce up the space. Either way, a new door will help you create the private space you have been longing for.

4. Lighting
Ferguson Dallas (Satellite) Showroom
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Most garages only have one light that barely illuminates the garage. When you convert your garage, don’t forget to add additional lighting. You can use lamps or pay to have your garage wired for additional lighting.

5. Furniture
2nd Choice Resale and Indoor Flea Market 

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Hours: Wed. to Sat. – 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sun. to Mon. – 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Closed Tues.

Yes, you can sit on crates or old outdated furniture like back in your single days, but when you have a new man cave, you need new furniture to go along with it. You can choose from several themes or concepts including the pub, bar or stadium. It’s your call, because it’s your space.

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