PD: Lewisville Man Kills Wife After Dog Defecates In House

LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – According to officers with the Lewisville Police Department, an elderly man has admitted to shooting and killing his wife after becoming frustrated with one of his dogs for defecating inside their house.

Police say they became aware of a problem on March 27, when a supervisor with Verizon called to report that 49-year-old employee Bernice Stolz hadn’t been to work for several days and that it wasn’t  like her to miss work without calling.

Officers went to Stolz home, in the 1600 block of Chisolm Trail, and after getting no response from doorbell rings and knocks on windows and doors went into the backyard. When police entered the house through a sliding glass door an officer saw a dead dog on the living room floor.

According to a police affidavit, when officers entered the house and began announcing their presence, an elderly man yelled out from a hidden position and said he would be “out there” in a minute and that officers should not come back to where he was. As officers continued to try and coax the man out they noticed a smelled that they believed to be that of a decomposing body.

After the man refused to identify himself, come out into the open, or allow them to check the welfare of Bernice Stolz, the Lewisville SWAT team was called and executed a search warrant on the house.

A robotic device, with an attached camera, was sent in and showed homeowner Michael Stolz Sr., 76, lying on the floor, it was then the SWAT team broke into the house.

After Michael Stolz was taken outside, police discovered a second dead dog and then the body of a deceased female. Police said it appeared the woman had “suffered a gunshot wound to her head.” Officers did locate a gun inside the house.

Michael Stolz was soon taken to the Lewisville Police Department and questioned. It was then officers said they learned Stolz had been upset with one of his dogs for defecating inside the house. Stolz told detectives that when his wife continued to complain about the dog he went into the bedroom and got a gun.

According to the affidavit, Stolz then admitted to walking into the living room, shooting one dog in the head, and then shooting the other dog at least twice.

During the outburst Bernice Stolz allegedly had run, screaming into the kitchen. Michael Stolz told detectives that after killing the animals he then “started shooting his wife” until he ran out of bullets.

Michael Stolz then claimed that he hadn’t planned the murder out, because after killing his wife he didn’t have any bullets left to shoot himself.

Michael Stolz has been charged with Murder and remains in the Denton County Jail on $250,000 bond.

An autopsy on Bernice Stolz was performed Wednesday and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner ruled she died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Police Captain Kevin Deaver said this is the first murder of the year in Lewisville.

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  • Mr. Reality

    It’s kind of like in the Manchurian Candidate. Instead of the Queen of Hearts activating his killer instinct, it was the deuce.

  • Average Joe

    Well, at least Stolz gave the local cops a chance to call out the SWAT guys and play with their robot toys.

    • Shakin my head foolish Joe

      Ignorant comment from not your average Joe. The average Joe would have more tact and intelligence.

  • steve

    What color was the shooter?

    • altha

      WHITE MAN!

    • Me.

      If Obama had a son??????

      • altha

        ME Oh i see you trying to change the subject it was a White man that killed his dogs and wife.

    • Earl Dumarest

      not sure. But Bernice was wearing a hoodie.

    • lance uppercutt

      With a last name of Stolz I’m guessing he was of European origin. You can put your pointy hood back in the closet.

      • Sammie Jo

        No sense of humor huh?

      • Delynnia

        Yeah, with a name like Zimmerman, you wouldn’t think he was part-Hispanic, huh?

  • Earl Dumarest

    If I killed someone everytime my dogs took a dump in the house, the entire state of Georgia would be dead.

    • Deskboy

      Earl, your house must stink purty good.

      I like to take my dogs on walks where they dump on the neighbor’s swale. Try it, it is good exercise for you.

      just having fun…

    • Dumber than a Liberal

      Same here.

      Besides, if I didn’t have a convenient dog dump by me, where would i set my beer down?

  • BOB


  • Kelly

    My guess is the man suffers from dementia, or he’s just a mean sob. Maybe both.

    • Russ

      Old school nut case

  • Al Redwood

    Dog was an OWS operative!

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  • Diego Roswell

    Walk your damn dogs you lazy people.

  • Ken Puck

    In defense of Mr. Stolz, this is his first offense.

    • Marshall

      Let the man go, he’s got 2 more strikes still…

  • ObserverNY

    Boy, think how bad the house stinks now!

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  • AtLeastPostOnTopic

    StateRunMediaNews you are truly pathetic. You crawl every single internet news site in the country and post the same verbatim comment to every damn article out there regardless of content. You are pathetically trolling the internet to gin up hits to your bizarre website in any way possible. What a joke. And you wonder why no one takes you seriously, you pathetic spammer

  • M Rosenbaum

    What’s the issue here?

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  • Broadway Dave

    the man was 27 years older than his wife who knows what kind of tensions and disagreements this produced i think the dog thing was the last straw on top of a lot of other friction

  • Chuck Njive

    Couldn’t he have just rubbed her nose in it.

    You could tell they were gonna have problems… he’s 27 years older than her…. and he’s not rich.

    • Robert Shaw

      i’m 26 years older than my wife and we’ve been getting along great for years..you’re an ageist..age has nothing to do with a couple’s happiness if they’re interests are identical..the man in this article would’ve shot her regardless of her age..as a psyciatrist let me point out that studies show that being ageist is a type of prejudice.People who have a problem with ‘old people’ to begin with are generally the ones who are defined as being ageist.especially people between the ages of middle school anywhere into the 20 something year old range.unfortunately most 20 something year olds today have disrespectful notions and attitudes toward older people.ienotions that ,they’re funny humorous,gross,stupid, and referring to them as old farts,etc.. most old people in their 50’s and 60’s actually are as aware and focused as any 30 year old but the media and the way old people are displayed on tv and in movies seem to convince the average joe that old people all typically have a mental problem//

      • Marshall

        Robert has the typical mental problems of someone in their 50’s and 60’s…

  • Glynne1964

    He says (according to the article) that the dogs are HIS. So why is it HER problem if the dog does his business on the floor? Can he not let the dog out??? He evidently isn’t immobile if he is able to go to the bedroom & get his gun!
    So instead of cleaning up after the dog…he just starts shooting. I have to wonder if this guy has anger issues. Hate to say it, but the woman & dogs are probably better off away from him, just shouldn’t have been this way.

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