By Steve Caccavale, CBS 11 Newscast Director
rhino chasers label You Never Forget Your First...

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I’m new to this whole blog thing. I’m not new to drinking beer, though. I’m happy to have been invited in on this endeavor into beer buzzdom.

First off, I’m not going to be a snob and drink water if there is a Miller Lite near by as another of my fellow bloggers might well do.

I feel there is a time and place for all different types of beers and Miller Light is my choice when the game is on, the lawn needs mowing or if I’m lucky enough to be washing my car on a hot summer day in the driveway.

This not to imply my tastes have not evolved in this “Micro World” we find ourselves in. I love ’em. REALLY love them.

I still remember my first… Rhino Chasers was her name.  Late 80’s I believe. It was a red ale in a bottle with a very cool label. Never tasted anything like it at that time. Rich malts, crisp hops. First time I ever really smelled beer and what it could offer. Very nice is putting it mildly. I was hooked.

I’ve done some research (meaning Googled) and found that a pizza joint in CA has taken up brewing Rhino Chasers beer again for the locals. I truly hope to make it there sometime to taste this new incarnation. It would not be the first trip I’ve taken where beer has taken precedent over visiting a museum or taking in a play. If I can find a local brew pub and pick the brain of the brewmaster and listen to the bartender tell me why they like their favorite pour, well, that’s a full trip that was well worth taking.

So, in future blogs I hope to tell you some of my favorite places I’ve visited that have had the best beer, brew pubs and breweries. But let’s not forget, my car is dirty… this weekend looks nice… so not to throw the baby out with the bath water — I’ll be enjoying some Miller Lite in the driveway.