$7.5 Million Pot Bust In Parker County

hidta dea 033 $7.5 Million Pot Bust In Parker County

(Photo credit Parker County Sheriff)


WEATHERFORD (CBSDFW.COM) – A sharp eye and a keen nose led to a multi-million pot bust here on Thursday.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler says one of his deputies was at a truck stop yesterday when he noticed a problem on one of the trucks there.

Part of the truck’s metal cargo had an incomplete weld.  The deputy’s drug dog inspected the sealed metal containers and found drugs inside.

When Weatherford firefighters cut open the containers with a welding torch, they found the hollow tubes stuffed with 2,500 pounds of marijuana.

Fowler says pot’s street value is $3,000 per pound, which adds up to $7.5 million for the whole load.

The driver picked up the load in El Paso after it had already passed through customs.  Deputies think he didn’t know anything about the drugs.

hidta dea 025 $7.5 Million Pot Bust In Parker County

(Photo credit Parker County Sheriff)


One Comment

  1. 333maxwell says:

    His wheels are too clean, shiny and chrome. New Mud flaps, tires, everything seems clean and I dunno..

    Just a guess as to why they might of twitched on this one.

    All that time, trouble and effort.. on both the side of the guy moving it, and the law enforcement as well..

    For 2500 lbs of weed.. that is hardly any amount at all compared tot he mega busts I read about almost daily… sure a lot of work though.

    And now it is all done.. and after all that, not one second of disruption in supply or demand. As long as there is electricity, light bulbs and in a pinch, sunlight.. there will always be more on the way, just around the corner.. As it always has been, as it always will be.

    I was watching an episode of Adam 12 the other day (I used to love it as a kid) and here they are in 1968 driving the street on patrol, and Reed says to Malloy ‘you think the kids of the future will have any better chance at staying away from drugs, is what we are doing making a difference”?..

    Malloy pauses and does his best John Wayne/Jack Web and says “ya know, if we just do our job, keep educating, it is going to take time, it takes money, but if we keep at it we’ll stop this plague.. in another 15 years (this would be the future, 1983) these kids will have kids, and those kids will know better.. to stay away from all drugs.. especially marijuana”..

    It’s was serious then.. in 1983 that episode would of been funny (considering all the kids were dying of coke and crack and people only wished their kids did marijuana instead), 45 years later though it isn’t funny anymore.

    Most people left around anymore that believe people should go to jail for the crime of using marijuana, work in the Government, or the industry of jailing people for marijuana. At one arrest every 27 seconds for simple possession and more people being arrested for silly silly marijuana than any one other thing it is obvious that jailing people for marijuana is a form of welfare for the prison industry and indeed it would virtually collapse (as we know it) if we quit locking up responsible adults for possessing marijuana for their own consumption, or growing 2-3 mature plants in their house if they want.

    OR.. we can keep at it for another 45 years and certainly it will change by then right… ? Right?

  2. norulers says:

    I’m sure Commissar Fowler considers himself a hero, protecting the public from an innocuous plant. Sorry, buddy, you’re an insignificant twit taking up space. Your life has been completely wasted, serving the wants and needs of puritanical fascists, thieving banksters and psychotic control freaks.

    1. 333maxwell says:

      That is so adorable.. I am a control freak fascist, yet you are the one applauding a 80 year old war based on lies and more lies. You are willing to destroy peoples lives over a lie, and it makes me a control freak.

      Sounds like much projection amigo.

      You ant the chief can join hands and dance in ecstasy as you continue to toss our money down a big dark hole (1.5 trillion to date) if you like.

      It is obvious from your reply that you haven;t thought much about this subject, nor have much age or experience on you to deal with it rationally. You take it to a gut level and call names.. which is fun and all.. but shows you have nothing to offer the conversation except psychobabble..

      Your obvious desire to justify the act of adults caging other adults simply because they smoke or eat somehting the other person doesn’t like, is VERY last century. Get with the new century, we’re waiting,. Science and medicine are exploring the benefits of the amazing plant, and the oldest book in the world thought enough about it to tell us IN THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER the benefit of the seed yielding herbs… But hey, what is science,m medical and even history to a cool headed cat like you.. it’s me who is the fascist control freak right… right?

      One of us was obviously very alive before the elevation of this war in 1972 by the Nixon administration against the advice of his own people.. one of us remembers the world BEFORE the war on marijuana.. I quite well remember before we starterd destroying average lives over marijuana.. at the time it had a social stigma, it was expensive and hard to come by.. since then it is virtually free (in my state anyway, no one buys grass for money here), it is more potent, it is more available, it is more socially acceptable than ever.. ALL These things were brought on by your ‘drug war’.NONE of them of any value to society.

      But hey, I’m the fascist control freak.. your just the guy who wants to keep locking up people, breaking up families, stealing their things and taking their houses, all because they use one of the oldest herbs known to man,ind..

      eeee gads.

      I’ve a feeling as you get older.. wiser.. you will look back on this issue with a lot of anger at how it was used to profit and manipulate a cross section of individuals because it was easy and profitable and allowed a whole lot of power into other peoples lives,

      1. norulers says:

        @ 333 Maxwell- You completely misread my post. Read it again. I’m taking the “”sheriff” to task for participating in such a failing, wasteful, and destructive enterprise, which is the “Drug War,” which I have been witnessing for nearly 60 years. I’m on YOUR side. BTW, your previous post was excellent.

      2. 333maxwell says:

        I;m so sorry.,.

        Your reply came to me email as a post to me.. and I guess I ran with it.. I saw my name on it and considered it a reply,.. for all the reading into it I did, I apparently didn’t read it very well..

        Still… even with egg on my face I feel better knowing I am not considered a control freak fascist now.. *S*

        Sorry again. Peace~!

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