City Of Lewisville Sued Over Sex Offender Ordinance

LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A registered sex offender and his family are suing the City of Lewisville over its restrictions on where sex offenders can live.

Aurelio Duarte, his wife Wynjean and their two teenage daughters say they haven’t been able to buy or even rent a house in the city in almost two years. They’ve lived, instead, in a cramped motel room, where the girls share one bed just a few feet from their parents. “I hate it. It’s really embarrassing,” said 18-year-old Brandi Duarte. “I have to keep it a secret that I live here.”

Convicted of trying to solicit a minor online, Aurelio Duarte served three years behind bars. “I really thought I was going to come back home and start my life fresh again,” he said. During his time away though, the City of Lewisville passed a new ordinance, barring sex offenders who’ve committed crimes against minors from living within 1,500 feet of anywhere children would commonly gather. According to the ordinance, that means any public park, public playground, public swimming pool, public or nonprofit recreational facility, as well as any school, daycare center or video arcade.

map1 City Of Lewisville Sued Over Sex Offender Ordinance

A map of those areas — provided by the city — shows, when they’re excluded, there’s very little space left. “When you do find an area, a street, where you can live, you have to wait for someone to move out,” said Wynjean Duarte.

“It basically prevents someone who is required to register from living within the city limits,” said the family’s attorney, Richard Gladden. He said that they are suing Lewisville to challenge the constitutionality of restricting where sex offenders can live. “All these studies that have been done show invariably that these types ordinances have absolutely no effect.”

“I’m not a threat to anyone,” said Aurelio Duarte.

Playing with her grandson at a Lewisville park, Patricia Robertson said, while she supports the residency restrictions, she doesn’t believe they do much. “They don’t make me feel any safer,“ she said.

“If something bad is going to happen. It’s going to happen,” agreed Amy Martinez, a mother sitting nearby, who opposes the restrictions.

The City of Lewisville declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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One Comment

  1. Mary Molnar says:

    A 2003 study by the Minnesota Department of Corrections found that sex offenders’ proximity to schools or parks was not a factor in recidivism, nor did it affect community safety . In fact, the opposite was found to be true: A sex offender was more likely to travel to another neighborhood in which he could seek victims without being recognized.
    Shame on Lewisville for not doing the research before enacting stupid laws!

    1. Dokk says:

      Ok, they can move into my neighborhood. That way he;ll go to your neighbothood to seek a new victim.

      1. Yvette says:

        Only 8 out of a 100 will ever have an additional victim. You are safer than having a murderer next door and there is NO restrictions on that.

    2. the dude says:

      we have enough trash here, maybe he can stay with you?

      1. Yvette says:

        and what about the 40 out of 100 who were innocent and just a victim of a bad divorce where the woman was trying to gain advantage in court?

    3. speechytex says:

      Mary..the fact that you state “more likely to travel…seek victims” proves the point that they shouldn’t even be allowed out of prison…

      1. womanintexas says:

        Speechytex:What do you consider a sex offense? Do you realize current sex offender laws would categorize most of our great grandparents who married young, or had a slight age difference as registered sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Ever know any body who got drunk and peed in a park, well they are registered sex offenders.. Know any couples who make out in a park where kids play, yes, they are registered sex offenders too. What about fasley accused teen males accussed by jealous ex girlfriends….Look up your laws, do some research, you may be suprised. It won’t be long before you, or someone you know is on this registry.

      2. registrar says:

        Womanintexas – maybe you should study the law books before you start spouting off facts. Where exactly is the “peeing in public” requirement?? Or the “making out in the park” requirement? You want to know why this teenage girl is embarassed??? It’s because her dad is a predator.

      3. Yvette says:

        Are you actually suggesting that a high school senior who “fell in love” with a freshman spend the rest of his life in prison? Are you REALLY intending to say that?

      4. Yvette says:

        Registrar, you have exposed your ignorance. We have children as young as 10 years old on the Registry who were just curious about how their body differed from a girl…’I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

    4. CopsWife says:

      Cry me a river!!! Lets keep bending laws for the wrong doers? How about the opposite; It’s a protective law for the innocents…Let’s protect the INNOCENTS rights(and freedom) as much as we can. He’s a grown man, and did wrong, knowing he was doing wrong. There are reprocussions, sorry about that. deal with it! On some level, at some point he knew he was pursuing a minor online! Wake up people, these kinds of offenders are NEVER rehabilitated. They keep on pursuing under age children. Maybe next time it’ll be yours ‘neighbor’.
      I do feel sorry for his family. She could divorce him for ruining all of their lives,then she and the kids could live anywhere.

      1. Mom in her right mind! says:

        YOU GO CopsWife!! Womanintexas…You need to realize he is a new-age prediator…Going after young girls online…know good and well he has children of the same age! Totally agreeing with CopsWife…Who cares!!! As a woman/Single Mom…Why in the hell would you continue to stay with garbage like this…even if it’s her kids Dad…She needs to quick subjecting her kids to this type of stupidity…because this man was no good then and no good now!

        More power to you Lewisville!!

      2. A Mother says:

        You are so right they are not rehabilitated when they get out!!!! ive been raped before and i had to moved because i ran across the man that did it to and i wasnt the only one he raped after he raped me. he went to jail and everything but he is still out here and i can run across him at anything!!!! and my mother did the samething still dealed with him when he got out of jail!!!!! the mother dont understand that will affect the childern in the long run!!!! when her childern leave home they wont be as close as she want them to because what she putting the through now by still being with him and them living like that!!!! that man knew what he was doing when he was online looking for a minor!!!!! what i dont understand is why the wife didnt leave him alone was soon as she heard what he did and what he was charged with???? she is making her childern suffer by still being with him so what does that say about her???? she can leave him and her and the childern can find somewhere to stay but she choose to leave like that because she choose to be with a dirty sex offender!!!! the mother is selfish , she not thinking of the childern all she thinking about is being with a sex offender!!!! he did wrong so he has to deal with it!!!! how dare him trying to sue!!!!!!! i think they dont give these sex offenders enough time in jail!!!!!!!!!! i think they should stay in there for life because when the come back out here the will do it again!!!!!!! lock them up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!!

      3. Yvette says:

        Then how about protecting the innocents who were falsely accused? Police do NOT investigate, they arrest on the accusation alone even when the charge was impossible. Then the DA goes to the grand jury without informing the defense attorney (who sent multiple letters requesting to be notified of a grand jury) and gets an indictment because the GJ does not hear that the charge was impossible and why, then the DA asks for the maximum charge meaning life in prison then plea bargans for 5 years probation just to add another conviction to his record…TRUE CASE! HOW ABOUT PROTECTING THIS INNOCENT AND THEIR FAMILY?

    5. Kevin says:

      Just tell him to move to collin county…they allowed juvenile sex offenders to return to public schools without registering as sex offenders at all!

      1. Yvette says:

        Attorneys tell me Collin County is the toughest in the area….and the operative word is is juvenile…as in kid….do you REALLY think a kid is beyond help?

  2. CC says:

    This is very sad for this family. How long do we, as a Christian nation punish people? Why do we punish the family too. This daughter obviously loves her mother and father. He has paid his dues to society. It is time to stop punishing people based on fear. I do believe in forgiveness and anyone stays clean and does not againd break the law I am willing to give them a second chance.

    1. justiceforjanelle says:

      Fine. Let the pervets live next door to your children, then. You believe in forgiveness? You gamble this forgiveness with your children, not mine. I’m not willing to gamble the safety of my children because they are too precious and valuable.

      1. Been there says:

        My niece’s boyfriend was a registered sex offender (he’s off the list now). He would live with my niece but list his address with some family which he would visit frequently. So if you think you’re in a safe area you’re probably not because the dude next door could be on the list. Besides if you’re a smart parent why would you let your kids play someone unattended?

    2. speechytex says:

      Let him move in next door to your kids…religion has nothing to do with it

      1. womanintexas says:

        How do your neighbor isn’t an ex-con,drug dealer, or an murderer.. They served thier time, paid thier debts to society.Should we create a registry for them? Should we restrict where they can live? Should they be punished for the rest of their lives? Wait until your teenage son is convicted by a youg girl pointing the finger, or looks at some porno online… Maybe he will fall in love with A 16 YEAR OLD when he is 17.. Current laws will have him register a sex offender for the REST OF HIS LIFE, along side with pedophiles, and real rapists.

      2. MominTX says:

        You are right, religion has nothing to do with it. The teachings of Christ do. Live the words of Christ, then you will understand.

      3. MominTX says:

        I would not care if he moved in next door to me. We have three registered sex offenders on our street. I have met everyone of them. I am not afraid to seek truth and share a hand. I guess you are afraid. I don’t depend on a list to keep my grandkids safe. THAT IS MY JOB!!!!!!

      4. rd says:

        womanintexas get your fact straight, a 17 yr old is not breaking the law with a 16 yr old. There has to be at least 3 years between them, and I believe one of them has to be over 18.

      5. txmama says:

        womanintexas we aren’t talking about a situation between a 17 year old and a 16 year old. We’re talking about an old man creeping on little girls online… clearly there should be some sort of discrimination there… those little girls are innocent until they are introduced to perverted words of a sick old man… that isn’t something easily reversed.

      6. Yvette says:

        Speecy, get the facts. You are spounting off emotionally. If the man next door was convicted on this story: girl said space aliens (little greys) abducted her and took her up on their space ship in outer space and did sexual experiments on her and it was her father who came in and removed those instruments, in a space ship in outer space with little grey aliens….and he was convicted on that story (True case by the way…man is still in prison) and then moved next door…would you REALLY feel threatened? If you remain so blind, you are just a heartbeat away from such an accusation against you.

      7. Yvette says:

        RD, you are wrong. A 17 year old is considered an adult in Texas. A 16 year old is not an adult. That is a sex offense,.,,even if they marry before trial.

    3. concerned says:

      dumb ass

  3. Sandman says:

    There is no evidence that sex offender residence restrictions prevent sex crimes or increase public safety. Shame on the city of Lewisville. May God bless this family.

    1. speechytex says:

      He’s a sex offender….he has a date with the devil

      1. MominTX says:

        How do you know that? He may be a born again Christian.

      2. Yvette says:

        I can’t see a man who shoots his mouth off on the Internet at the same risk level as a member of NAMBLA.

    2. scott1212 says:

      Sandman, I would say that the list is working then unless you have proof of the list not working. The best way to prevent a crime is to let the criminals know that they are being watched. This guy solicited a minor. He went actively looking for a minor to have sex with. Why should we then turn around and make his life easier. Who says he HAS to live in Lewisville? He can head north a little for more sparse population. HE is making the choice to stay in Lewisville.

      1. Yvette says:

        OK, for argument’s sake let’s assume you are right that we are all safer if the criminal knows he is being watched….then why aren’t we watching the murderers, home invasion robbers, car jackers, etc.?

  4. MominTX says:

    These laws must be changed. This man must be given a second chance. Lets not make this family suffer anymore. I pray that this lawyer can help them and win this lawsuit against lewisville. I believe they are due some compensation.

    1. speechytex says:

      You pay them out of your pocket….

      1. MominTX says:

        Nope, Lewisville should pay.

      2. Yvette says:

        His children should be compensated for being singled out as different from other children of other convicted people.

    2. HereandThere says:

      The family would’nt have to suffer if the mother left his prevert ass and then her and the daughters (Which btw the 18 year old is more than able to be on her own anyways) can live whereever their heart wants. There problem solved!

    3. JD says:

      Why should the city pay???? He is a predator! His wife is putting those girls in danger just letting him remain in the family.

      Also, pick up a newspaper & count how many sex offenders work for churches. Christianity has no effect on sex offenders. I don’t care if he’s a born again fish…he’s still a threat & now he’s costing the tax payers even MORE money.

      Also, this is not a christian nation. Read a history book.

      1. Yvette says:

        Part of the problem here has nothing to do with the nature of the crime but in Constitutional protections that are violated….Those are far more important.

  5. Local One says:

    ———————————————————————————————————- I couldn’t live in an adult mobile home park because a church was 880 ft away and had a children’s class that met once a week. I was forced to move to a motel where right next door to my room was a family with three children—but it qualified under the rule. How ridiculous is that?

  6. tracy says:

    There has to be a way back to normal life after a debt has been paid! Lewisville and other communities have gone too far out of fear and ignorance. Others who have paid their debt to society have been able to live in communities, get jobs and re-enter society as a real, productive, active citizen. Please allow these to have a path back into society as well. They way it is now, it is a life sentence for the whole family. So sad; and needless.

    1. JD says:

      Tracy, maybe you don’t realize that when someone is caught that is only ONE instance. Would you let this man live next to you and your children? You seem willing to come to his defense. Would you be willing to accept part of the responsibility when he offends again & ruins the life of a child?

    2. Kevin says:

      Tracy, the family could leave the sicko that is soliciting little girls online…what do you think would have happened if the minor he met wasnt a cop?

      1. Yvette says:

        sounds like entrapment to me…it is against the law to lure someone into committing a crime.

  7. Ddonald E. Maunder says:

    There is no evidence at all that lack of a residence restriction has ever been a factor in any sexual crime. In addition a residence restriction has never been known to have prevented a sex crime. A residency restriction would have no effect on a potential offender who could move about completely freely anywhere he wanted to without any reference to where he called his residence. A senseless and comp[etly foolish ordinance which causes unintended harm to others than the targeted registered person.

  8. Tam says:

    I’m so tired of people try to scare me with the “sex offender next door”. Once a person has been found guilty and, served their time, it’s time to let them re-build their lives!

    1. anotherMominTexas says:

      Good for you! I agree…we all deserve a second chance.

    2. concerned says:

      must be a pedofile or have one in your familty

  9. misfit64 says:

    every person needs a home,their family needs a home!!!these one law fits all destroy tens of thousands of lives.research after research by professionals has proven that residence restriction dose not work.why can’t our law makers and the media do some research for themselves,it’s all on the internet..these laws the way they are ,you ,your son your grandson could end up on the registry and not know it ,till they come to pick you or them up.then the fear sits in,all life as you have know it is are so afraid to go any where ,do anything,say anything ,because you don’t want to do anything wrong to get into more trouble.anyone that goes thru what these sex offenders go thru would never do any thing to go thru it have no lifr,no job ,no home,and no hope.why would anyone want to go thru this.????

  10. Concerned says:

    I am glad that finally someone is speaking up for the sex offender…these laws must be changed along with some other laws concerning these people. Once they have done their time LEAVE them alone. They have paid their dues just like a drug dealer…..murder…..drunk driver that has killed someone…They need to be given a second chance. I know they have done a serious crime and they have paid for their crime for which they should have paid. But not all sex offenders are alike…there are different levels for the different crimes…don’t put them all in the same boat….Wake up people!! There are people out there trying to lead a better life than what they did before…

  11. oncefallendotcom says:

    Texas has over 4000 KIDS on the registry, some as young as 10 years old. This Predator Panic needs to go the way of the dinosaur. Is stupidity also bigger in Texas?

    The facts are no residency laws have ever reduced s*x crimes, in places where they exist now, rates have either stayed the same or have gone up. Instability in life is the key factor in recidivism. But since 95% of these crimes are committed by those NOT o a list, then your witch hunt mentality is misguided anyways.

    1. SOS says:

      Great points oncefallendotcom!

    2. registrar says:

      And the moon is made of cheese!!!

      Where are these 4000 kids listed??? Just reviewed Dallas County and the youngest I saw was 20.

      1. esbashar says:

        Check this story – at this writing in 2009, over 3500 were registered.

      2. Yvette says:

        and 2 weeks ago I talked to a mom whose son, now 20 was arrested and sent to kids prison at age 12…you really need to do your homework

  12. Jolene says:

    Most sex crimes are committed by someone who is not on the registry. Over 90 % are committed by someone known and trusted by the family. Residency restrictions are feel-good laws- nothing else, just feel-good laws.

    1. Emma says:

      so, are you saying that you would allow your child or grandchildren to go over to this mans house, once he has grandchildren for them to play with, and allow him to become “someone known and trusted by the family” and possibly molest or rape your child or grandchild?

  13. pbmax626 says:

    My heart goes out to this family. Cities often enact these restrictions without really thinking about the long-term consequences to the offender and the families involved. Such restrictions do nothing to protect the public. In reality, they tend to have the opposite effect, making offenders into homeless people who are much more difficult for police to monitor. They can’t find decent jobs and are prevented from rejoining society as responsible citizens.

  14. TxFosterMom says:

    Local One, I agree these laws are ridiculous.
    Thanks CBS for allowing the other side to be heard. It helps educate the public to how unreasonable and complicated these restrictions are. These restrictions help no one and actually hinders the one restricted from becoming a productive citizen and has the protental to putting him and his family in danger. May this help make difference for everyone involved.

  15. Karin Day says:

    Fear mongering by the media pushes communities into “monkey see monkey do” arbitrary residency restrictions without fact based proof of their necessity or thought to the long term long reaching effects, practicing “double jeopardy” punishment for the RSO and their families. It is my wish and prayer that the Duarte family win this lawsuit and that the redundancy of added residency restrictions above those already imposed by state law be prohibited state wide.

  16. HeyZues says:

    Ge a person enough reason not to follow the law, and they will stop following it. Forcing someone that is finished with their sentence to kow tow to further laws that make no sense only goes to push someone that might not break another law, into believing that is their only option.

  17. Belva Wms says:

    Thanks CBS for shedding some light on this issue. A convicted murderer has a better chance of leading a normal life after prison than does a sex offender. The present laws paint all sex offenders with the same brush. An 18 year old who has consensual sex with an underage female is treated the same as a pediphile or rapist. The present laws require entire families to relocate to help their loved ones. It is time our legislators and our governor woke up.

  18. FedUpTxn says:

    So castrate him and let him live anywhere he wants. I’m stunned at all the people supporting a sex offender. Obviously you and your family have NEVER been a victim of one!

    1. dawgmama says:

      I was a “victim’, FedUpTxn… it has done a great deal of damage to my life. The person who raped me lived in my home, and since I was a child and my parent did not support my claims, the kffender was never prosecuted. That happens many, many times a year. Trust me, I know who the monster is. These laws don’t help. They just confuse.

    2. SOS says:

      I was a victim, I just want to see effective laws that prevent victimization of anymore. Feel good laws like these do absolutely nothing to solve this terrible problem in out society! Instead they spread fear and anger and can actually promote more victimization. WAKE UP FedUp!

    3. TDL says:

      I have. For my whole life. He was sick. He needed help, I never wanted him to go to prison. I only wanted him to stop and to get help. I believe people can be forgiven and they can change. Even victims are able to move on with life and forgive. If you have never made a mistake in your life or done something wrong then you cast the first stone. I believe we are all guilty of something and we shouldn’t judge others. If they have paid their debt, let them live their lives. The man that killed my father was driving drunk, his sentence 6 months probation and that is all. He took a life. Life isn’t fair and we should treat others the way we want to be treated.

      1. SOS says:

        AMEN TDL. Sounds like you’ve moved from victim to victor! Bless you.

      2. Yvette says:

        Unfortunately, they are by law prevented from getting help. Once a counselor hears their issue and concern, they have to report him or her to the police. Thus an accident like trying to move a girl out of the doorway into a hall so the door is not blocked by pushing on her back, turns into an incident when she turns around just in time to put her breasts into his hands…and if he sees a counselor for advice on how to handle that with her and her classmates, he is reported as a sex criminal. And folks, that is all it takes to go to prison. No intent, no preditor, just vicious laws.

    4. esbashar says:

      First of all, yes I have been a victim of one. And like most, he was a member of my family and was never prosecuted.
      I also know many sex offenders and I know that the big scary monster down the street is a myth. Many of them did something stupid when they were young and are now paying for the rest of their lives. If we only registered those offenders who had committed an offense against a real victim (as opposed to sting operations), the list would be much shorter. And it still wouldn’t protect you from sex crimes because over 90% of new sex crimes are committed by someone who is not on the registry. I will support the sex offender – not the pedophile or the rapist but I will support those who are forced to live by draconian laws so that FedUpTxn can live in his illusion of safety.

    5. Yvette says:

      I have…and I support this lawsuit.

  19. SOS says:

    Residency restrictions for sex offenders make absolutely no sense. Not only do they isolate and ostracize the offender (making successful reintegration nearly impossible) but they punish innocent family members – families desperately trying to hold it together against incredible odds. These laws lull communities into thinking they are somehow safer when in fact there is not one shred of evidence supporting that assumption. If someone is bound and determined to abduct and harm a child, it wouldn’t matter if there was a thousand foot or a thousand mile restriction.
    A 2007 report by the Minnesota Department of Corrections tracked 224 sex offenders released from prison between 1999 and 2002 who committed new sex crimes prior to 2006. The first contact between victim and offender never happened near a school, daycare center or other place where children congregate. The report concluded, “Not one of the 224 sex offenses would likely have been deterred by a residency restriction law.” The study warned that these laws isolate offenders in rural areas with little social and treatment support, with poor transportation access, and with few job opportunities. The resulting increase in homelessness makes them harder to track and supervise. “Rather than lowering sexual recidivism,” the report said, “housing restrictions may work against this goal by fostering conditions that exacerbate sex offenders’ reintegration into society.”
    These laws make about as much sense as some other residency restrictions in the past. Take for example the Warsaw Ghetto. Or the Japanese internment camps were thousands were deterred – all of them American citizens. Or the Indian reservations – where thousands of Native Americans were rounded up and moved to wastelands. Or how about leper colonies where untold numbers were isolated from the rest of the community because of unfounded fears and superstitions?

  20. tlf says:

    So thankful that intelligent citizens are realizing the extreme damage these laws are doing to people. This kind of punishment is archaic and cruel and helps no one.

  21. mkycp says:

    Is anybody else creeped out that this guy tried to solicit a minor online? How old was he when he solicited? How young did he think the minor was? What if the minor was your child? I’m sorry. I don’t want a sexual predator living next door to me or my family. It’s not like shoplifting. It’s a sickness. The chance of them “forgetting” they have the urge that they have is highly unlikely. If you are a sexual predator(not an eighteen year old who had a sixteen year old boy/girlfriend) and you have to register as an offender, then do the second best thing you could possibly do. Move to the sticks.

    1. esbashar says:

      Your questions are very good ones and they are not easliy answered by the registry. The victim’s age is listed but never the offenders age at the offense. You can’t even do the math because the dates don’t coincide with arrests or offense date.
      Online solicitation of a minor can mean that someone over 18 talked dirty to a female he understood to be under 18. It doesn’t mean that he asked her to have sex with him nor does it mean he made any attempt to contact her in any way. The act of saying anything of a sexual nature is the crime.
      And there are excellent treatment programs that teach people to understand the reason for the behavior and present alternate behaviors. In many cases, it isn’t a sickness but just immature behavior. I hope you never find yourself in the situation but if you do, you’ll get a whole different view.

      1. Yvette says:

        another true case…in fact the young man REFUSED to meet with the girl who was insisting because of their age difference…but got convicted when girl’s father blew a fuse and refused to recognize it was his underage daughter who was the instigator.

    2. Yvette says:

      You have bought the myth wholesale. it is not a sickness. It is often a lack of boundaries. These are normal people who got into the wrong place at the wrong time….or are innocent…like the girl who accused her step dad because he made her pick up her towels off the bathroom floor and then she thought, “I know how to get rid of you!”…also True Case

  22. Petra Lopez says:

    As a child sexual abuse victim, I totally disagree with the commenters who defend this person who is “suffering” because he made a bad decision. Has anyone realized that a victim to this perverse behavior also suffers. Everyone states that he needs a chance; to be forgiven, well people, has anyone thought about the victim? No, he did not go through with what he did, BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT. What if it wasn’t a sting operation? Could that be your son or daughter who was being solicited? The peple who commented say, ” Why do we have to live in fear?”, BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS WORKING 24/7!!!! Live in fear people, because that is the only way we can protect our children from going through what I and many, many others have gone through.

    Many can say I sound like someone who is bitter and vindictive. NO! I forgive my abusers but I have not FORGOTTEN. The city of Lewisville is sending a great message. Anyone who decides to give in to temptation and perversity, DO NOT HAVE A PLACE IN THEIR CITY!!! They have to pay for their mistakes and I certaintly do not feel sorry for this person. I have to live with the “mistake” of my abusers everyday of my life. EVERYDAY… for his family, I’m sorrry you have to pay for his mistakes also but… MY FAMILY SUFFERS ALSO. They can’t have sleepovers, I can’t let her go to anyone’s home unless I’m comfortable with it. Phedophiles are everywhere, that is a known fact. It’s sad that this a fact but unfortunately that is the way the world has evolved.

    1. Everyonesays says:

      You ARE bitter and vindictive.

    2. SOS says:

      My heart goes out to you Petra. Let’s create some laws that work, make sense and prevent further victims. All these kind of laws do is buy politicians votes and boost TV ratings. Let’s end the suffering by working towards real solutions. Let’s move towards healing and away from the anger, hatred and fear. Otherwise we all stay victims! God Bless.

    3. CAR98 says:

      Millions of dollars are spent every year to track and monitor almost a million individuals nation wide who are required to register for the rest of their lives. Over 90 % of these registrants are not the dangerous predator that you are afraid of. The person you are afraid is either not on the registry or the registry is not going to stop them from finding a victim. Statistics and studies have repeatedly shown that the registries are full of individuals (such as this man) who committed a stupid horrible crime but has been punished and paid his debt and will never commit such a crime again. Why not spend the millions of dollars being wasted on non-dangerous individuals to help victims and their familes or use the money to track the truly dangerous predators that are now “hiding” in the millions and going undetected.

    4. Kelly says:

      I do feel for you, it must make living day to day a challenge. However, we do live in the United States and have laws protecting everyone, even sex offenders, murderers, thieves, and many other types of criminals. One type of criminal should not be singled out for special punishment after they have served their time in jail.

      You say they should ‘pay for their mistakes’ … what do you think this person did in jail for three years? It was not a picnic, but he did serve his time that was given to him by a court of law. If, in your opinion, that wasn’t enough time, then perhaps you should start lobbying for stiffer penalties for certain crimes. NOT penalties that are mandated by cities who are not part of any criminal court.

      Also, if you live in fear constantly, I hope you have gotten counseling to learn to deal rationally with your previous experiences in your childhood.

    5. TDL says:

      How many murderers and thiefs live in Lewisville?

      1. MominTX says:

        Wouldn’t know, they are not on a list.

    6. Yvette says:

      His children are suffering …the registry makes sure of that even if they do not live with the offender

  23. CAR98 says:

    Registration laws are declared civil in nature and constitutional because they allegedly protect the public and are not considered additional punishment. News reports of another abducted and murdered child is always makes the news and proves that the “dangerous” predators are more likely than not “not” on the registry and the very few that are are so sick and demented that these resident restrictions are not going to stop them. These laws do not protect anyone. In fact the laws have become so ineffective with overblown registrie that law enforcement cannot focus on the few that are truly apose a danger to society. In the past year, I can recall two stories of child abductions/murders covered extensively by Nancy Grace. She was certain in these cases that the offenses were commited by registered sex offenders living in the vicinitly. She posted the information of how many were living in the near location and had experts appear and “verify” that the predator would be a registered offender living in the area. In both cases, she was wrong! How many more citizens have to be “punished” for the resto of their lives because of senseless unjust laws that to do not protect but rather produce victims?

  24. BigFED says:

    The idiocy of the law is evident in the fact that he was convicted of soliciting via ONLINE, using a computer. He wasn’t out trolling the parks or schools!!!

    Also, why 1,500 feet? That is a completely arbitrary distance the effectively prohibits any offender from living ANYWHERE inside the city limits of ANY town. Sounds like this ordnance is overly broad and subjective. It also sounds like if he had one more kid, he couldn’t live in his own house with his family since “children commonly gather there”!!!

    It’s just like the dumb restrictions on stores that sell alcohol that they must be “X” feet away from schools. If the kids are running “X” feet to their package store, then they will run ‘Y” feet also. AND, if KIDS buying booze at lunch tie is an issue, then there is a MUCH bigger problem.

    1. Ann73 says:

      The city of Lewisville (and the tax payers) will lose this, and rightly so. It’s bad enough to oppose the constitution, but to do so to cause harm rather than good is beyond reason.
      In a June 2010 Texas senate hearing, the DPS rep stated that less than 13% of those registered are actually dangerous to our communities. So limited resources are spent policing and monitoring those who pose no risk, while the truly dangerous hide in the crowd.
      I don’t know the particulars of this case, but it’s likely that the man was young, probably still in his twenties when this happened. The officer was probably posing as a teen, 15 or 16. This would still be wrong, but hardly make him the monster hiding in the bushes for whom the laws were written. Most on the registry (now almost 70,000 and growing more than 100 a week) never touched a little kid or forced anyone.
      We claim to care about children. What about the children of the registered? Why make them suffer for no reason?
      Laws should be based on reason, fairness, and constitutionality. This law isn’t, and that’s why Lewisville will lose.

  25. justiceforjanelle says:

    Gee, so sorry your pervy husband is making it hard for you to find a place to live. But, people don’t want your pervy husband around their kids and Lewisville is a town full of children. The correct solution for this woman would be to remove her children from the situation and find a home without him. I love the way he claims he is not a danger around children. If that was the case, why is he trying to solicit children for sex? Hold your ground Lewisville.

  26. Karla K says:

    The fact of the matter is the guy shouldn’t have perved on a minor.

  27. clwestx says:

    Why restrict only ‘sex offenders’? I propose that anyone convicted of robbery of a convenience store to not be allowed withing 1500 feet of same; those convicted of home robbery should not be allowed within 1500 feet of any home; those convicted of causing harm to another person (shooting, beating, assault…) should be never be allowed within 1500 feet of another person – or animal ! How ’bout DUI…never within 1500 feet of a vehicle or alchol/substance…etc., etc.

    IF a person is going to commit the same crime – which repetitive criminals do in surprisingly large numbers – they will commit the crime no matter the restrictions (minus incarceration). The best example of ridiculous restrictive laws is: It is a felony to use a firearm while committing a crime – and we know how effective that law is.

    Oh, one other thing….that the “reporter” posted for ALL to see the daughter’s name shows real compassion (of course, she’s 18 which makes it OK )

    1. clwestx says:

      This is a “Pre-emptive” clarification:

      Noooo….I don’t suggest we get rid of felony-gun possession laws or any other
      Yesss….criminals are going to ignore the laws no matter the restriction

      Since recidivism is high in sex offenders, why not an unremovable, implanted tracking chip? The technology exists and though it may not prevent a repeat offense, the evidence would certainly make the prosecution and conviction much easier – and less expensive.

      Invasive? ACLU? Civil Liberties? No more than post-incarceration pee and blood tests or the requirement that felons and sex-offenders inform authorities where they work and live. (just a thought)

      1. texascitizen says:

        Re:Since recidivism is high in sex offenders, why not an unremovable, implanted tracking chip?

        Recidivism is low in sex offenders..Where did you obtain the research to your statment.

      2. Craig says:

        You really need to get your facts right, as usual you and others speak with lies, that is the only way you get these types of insane laws passed. So keep your mouth moving for all you have is lies! If the registry restrictions would save a victim I would be 100% in favor of them, but they do not do anything. He has paid his debt, now time to let them and their families move on.

      3. Yvette says:

        What study can you cite to support your claim that recidivism is high in sex offenders. I have read several studies and found recidivism to be below 10% in every study…and these were large groups of subjects.

  28. BJW says:

    At first glance these restrictions appear reasonable. They seem like a good idea that will keep children safe. That is why Lewisville,along with so many other cities, has enacted them. However, not one of these cities can produce research or evidence that such restrictions protect children. The empirical evidence shows the opposite. I understand that we as parents want our children safe but we need to know the actual facts not what sound good. These laws do not protect our children. The sex offender registry does not protect children. It is overloaded with too many persons who made a mistake, were punished, and then must continue to be punished for life with a scarlett letter. The laws need to focus on those offenders who are dangerous. Allowing law enforcement to devote their time to those who truly pose a continuing threat would protect our children. The fact is that most people on the registry made a mistake, paid for it and are not a threat to anyone now.

  29. Dokk says:

    Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving a gun back to a person that’s already tried to shoot you once…maybe they’ll do a better job next time?

    1. Yvette says:

      These laws are so out of control there are organizations now in ALL 50 states to overturn them and over 1,000,000 members.

  30. misfit64 says:

    to everyone that has seen or read this artical,think for one old were you when you fell in old was your girlfriend or your first girls think about your first time,was you partner older or younger than you.did you freely have sex or forced.did you lie about your age?how do anyone feel afterwards ,do you feel you are a danger to children aroud you?did you feel you were a dander to the people that lived next door to you?do you feel that you done some thing wrong?when makeing all these sex offender laws ,all it takes is a little common sense and research.all non violent offenders needs to be removed from the registry.there are alot of other things that needs to be changed.if our law makers would just talk to people and reslly listen,then we could make laws that would help make our children safe.everyone born into this world , living under these sex offender laws we have today,would be a registerd sex offender,even the ones that made these why are most sex offenders treated so wrong has tuened into a maddness .all these new laws they are trying to pass are laws your children will have to had better start now on get a mind set for hell on earth.

    1. texascitizen says:

      amen misfit64, it isn’t until these laws affect someone people know then they wake up.Great comment.

  31. AK says:

    I am all for forgiving and letting anyone try again, but if they fail and commit the crime a second time I believe the law should stand. Kind of the whole “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Give them a chance to correct a past mistake, after the second time I would say no more.

    1. Craig says:

      I agree with this !00%, you are right on this one AK.

  32. SOS says:

    All this bantering back and force – are we losing sight of the fact that this family is willing to “lay it all out on the line?” I have to ask would I be willing to do the same. Whether you agree or not, you have to admire their courage. They’ve got people thinking about it – not just blindly following politicians and so called experts like sheep to the slaughter! Just look where they’ve taken this country – let alone this issue. Let’s not wait until there are more victims to name laws after. In fact we don’t need any more laws! We need to move away from being punitive and start thinking preventive. As long as fear and anger and hatred and ignorance dominate this issue or any issue – we remain victims of our own traps! So, God bless this family willing to step up. God bless them if their action helps thousands more stuck in shame and silence.

  33. texascitizen says:

    There is no evidence that sex offender residence restrictions prevent sex crimes or increase public safety.
    To every right wing out there, to every person that has no common sense, when the law comes knocking at your door to have you register for any little thing in the next ten years, then you will remember these rediculous sex offender laws… One thing always leads to another….These laws are the beginning of complete unconstitutional govermental control.. Does the word unconstitutional mean anything to anyone anymore? Let justice prevail.

  34. rod says:

    the man served his time, he has registered as a sex offender, now he has to live in a motel. when are we going to let ex-cons try to better themselves and be a productive member of society. we are just making it where the ex-con will have to turn to crime again, because they are desperate and don’t have any other recourse. I have 3 daughters and am appalled at this type of crime, but at some point you have to be reasonable. just sayin….

  35. Mr Black says:

    Starting to get the picture yet pervert? Get out!

  36. J. Slycord says:

    In today’s society is really pathetic in which the laws are written, and the common individual does not understand any of the details until someone close to them or even family is charged with such a crime. I know all too well personally because I was convicted in Bexar County of Sexual Assault to a Child that I never had any sexual interaction with the “victim” and when taken to trial, I lost the case and was placed on community supervision because the information presented was not allowed on record before the jury. There are many aspects of the trial phase that a judge can make the decision to not allow evidence into the trial that would in fact show the innocence of someone accused.

    The residency restrictions are just really another means for the law enforcement to harass under the radar any individual convicted of a sexual crime. When a person is placed on probation or released from the TDCJ, there is a text called “Static 99” that determines the safety risk of the individual and depending on the results, some individuals do not have to do anything that would alert neighbors but some that are highly dangerous must put out signs in the lawn of their home and / or mail out post cards from DPS that notify everyone in the area. Even as a business owner, I am required to check for the areas of any business I own and operate, where my offices can be and so forth.

    Since being placed on community supervision, I am required to take an “Instant Offense Polygraph” and “Sexual History Polygraph” required by the state Sex Offender Treatment that I took and both proved my innocence beyond any doubt as I was telling the truth. Even with that, I cannot appeal the case because the law states that I had only 30 days to file the appeal.

    Even with filing a writ, there is a less than 5% chance that the higher courts will listen to a case that was found guilty and overturn it. If people would really examine what lawmakers are doing with tax dollars, there would be a great reform in the laws.

    The average sex offender, guilty or not has to pay $200 for every polygraph, $60 monthly for community supervision, $52 yearly for drug testing, renew my driver’s license yearly at $21 report to the police department every 90 days even if the “Static 99” proves that someone is very little risk or threat to the community and so on. The “treatment program” is sad as well, each time that I have to take a polygraph, I meet with a therapist that costs $80 an hour and cannot by-pass it to take the polygraph. If a person fails a polygraph or the therapist doesn’t think they are stable enough, they can place an individual in group therapy that runs $200-$300 a month.

    Just my thoughts from a “sex offender” and hope this will educate some individuals on what most people have no idea what all goes into the process.

    1. AK says:

      Being that you are innocent (taking this by your word since I do not know you personally) I am sorry that you have to live this. It is an unjustifed punishment for certain people who are not guility of a crime. I have a friend that has a similar story. He hasn’t even been able to find a job because of it. I believe the law (personally) should only apply for repeate offenders. I believe everyone deserves a second chance to reform themselves from a past mistake or in certain cases being innocent and not having a fair shake through the court systems. (which suck!) I truly wish you the best with getting your name cleared.

  37. BJW says:

    According to the Colorado Department of Public Safety, “the ethical and responsible choices with regard to the management of sex offenders are not always the most popular. This is especially true in the current socio-political environment that emphasizes accountability, and many times, has a punitive tone with regard to sex offenders. However, the long lasting impact on sex offenders, communities, and victims require thoughtful research based policies and laws. There is much to learn from the states that have enacted such laws and research conducted thereafter. It appears counterproductive to endorse and/or institute policy and law based on fear, ignorance, and politics when it causes more problems than it solves. Community safety is paramount and should be the common goal when considering any policy or law regarding sex offenders. Residence restrictions and zoning laws as a whole are clearly counterproductive to this goal.”

  38. Dian Hill says:

    I think its wrong what they are doing because there is another town that has the same thing as Lewisville ( that city is Sulphur Springs ok) It is wrong ok.

    1. MominTX says:

      Maybe this lawyer can go after that town too.

  39. Bill Habern says:

    Richard Gladden, the plaintiff lawyer in this case, is a seasoned veteran in the
    area of Constitutional abuse of sex offenders. He has won a number of civil rights cases on such issues in the Austin Fed Cts. I know, because I have been his co-counsel in the other cases. This fact situiation from Lewisville has been just begging for a law suit and Lewisville is the location for the first Texas case. These issues have been won by the plaintiffs in other jurisdictions.

    Most sex offenders in Texas are not predators or serial sex rapists. They are actually rather bland type of offenders who seldom repeat their crimes.. Because of our crazy Parole Board many (about 7,000 according to prior Fed Ct testimony) do not even have sex offender convictions.

    My 40 years of dealing with the Parole Board leads me to the opinion that seldom do they release release dangerious sex offenders, and they seriously overly restrict those they release. This situation of ruining lives after the debt is paid needs to stop, and I admire the Duarte family for stepping out there.

    Bill Habern
    Attorney .

  40. Texas RSO says:

    I appreciate those who are concerned of an RSO who lives so close to a school, playground, park, etc.. I’m a parent of 3 children and am very concerned of pedophiles who prey, lure, and abuse children. And before you start “yahooing” at my first comment, please understand that not only am I a parent of three children, I also have to register as a sex offender. I was 26, my victim was almost 18yo, and this in NO WAY makes what I did right….it was 100% wrong, and I deserved the punishment that I received. But I am not, was not a child molester nor have I ever preyed upon children. Unfortunately, people think all sex offenders are pedophiles or looking to molest their children. Without knowing their situation everyone jumps to judgment. The ONLY reason that we have as many on the registry is because Texas will lose money and politicians want to keep their jobs! It’s on their websites, it has NOTHING to do with the safety of my or your children. The Colonel of the Texas DPS even stated when asked by our legislature “out of the 64,000 people on the registry how many people truly do we need on there?” His reply, “maybe 8,900…the ones who are truly a threat.” Even he knows that everyone on the registry does not pose a threat. The same laws that entrapped those of us on the registry AFTER we had done our time are the same laws that will affect your children if they (which I know you are shouting out “my children will never do that!!”) are even caught in a “boyfriend/girlfriend fling.” Just wait until your neighbors want YOU and YOUR CHILDREN to leave the neighborhood not because of your children getting hot/heavy before or after prom, but because they are listed as a sex offender. Your neighbors will NOT come over and ask what happened, they will treat you as a leper just because you or yours are on the same registry as child molesters, pedophiles, murderers who committed a sex crime. Yes, I know your children were “just playing doctor” or “doing what teenagers do because of hormones….” but now they will be sex offenders and it will affect your children. Of course, this will NEVER happen to you or your children, but what if it does? Where will you live? Where will you work? Where will you go to church? Where will you eat? Where will you go for friends? HOW will you live?? If you aren’t faced with our situation, be blessed. And if you truly want to get rid of us all, please come meet with us and help us find the answers to the questions I asked above. If you can’t help, don’t hurt!

  41. Edie Billings says:

    Kudos to the Duarte family for having the courage to publcize their ordeal.Studies have shown that the recividism rate for offenders is among the lowest and that residency restrictions have no effect in making anyone safer.

    What does help is educating children about how to recognize and methods of protecting themselves against any kind of sexual approach, since most new sex crimes are committed by people not on the registry.

    The whole system is ill conceived and needs reform since many sex-offenders are juvenilles, others have committed crimes that are first time non-contact and non-violent.

    given the scrutiny and intesnse therapy they receive, many should be given a second chance after they have served their sentence.

    I wonder if these “not in my city” citizens would feet the same of one of their sons or relatives were to be put on the registry, which may very well be possible.

  42. Texas_Dad says:

    What I find most interesting is that all the quotes regarding studies and research have no meat to them. To simply state, “Studies have shown……” provides a blanket false sense of security. How are the studies conducted, who conducts them, from whom is the data gathered? What’s more, to claim that recidivism is low and residency doesn’t matter doesn’t take into account all the unreported offenses and those that are never discovered due to embarassment and fear. I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Duarte or most other sex offenders. He, like so many others, made a choice. Choices have consequences and now he must live with those consequences. If any of the sex offender laws should be changed it should be those involving juvenile boyfriend/girlfriend situations. While I don’t condone underage sexual activity I recognize that it occurs and to punish hormonal teenagers is wrong. That being said, I wonder if all the supporters of changing residence requirements and those that quote studies have ever stopped to think that the reason the “studies” show low recidivism is directly related to the laws in place that prohibit sex offenders from living near a target-rich environment. By the way, for all the responses that ask how someone would feel if it was their son or relative that had to register or live within these restrictions, I would like to counter that with my own question, “How would you feel if it was your son or daughter that was molested by someone?”

    1. AJ Black says:

      Texas_Dad…I’m a Texas Mom and I wonder what your thoughts are on the fact that people who murder children are not required to register. How are those people less a threat than sex offenders??

      Are you aware of the law for a conviction in a sexual assault of a child case? The ONLY evidence required is that the child said it happened…and we all know that children do not lie!

      My son is a missionary who was asked by his church to mentor a 6th grade boy at the request of the boy’s mother. Long story short…6th grade boy tries to molest 3-yr old brother and when caught is asked by mom if “someone had ever done this to you” He points the finger at my son.

      Fast forward to the trial when the 6th grade boy testifies Ioutside the presence of the jury) that he and his step-brother had been having sex with each other for years before meeting my son and the PROSECUTOR, having heard that testimony and knowing that the jury had not heard it, stands before the jury and LIES to them, telling them that my son led them into this lifestyle. LIED TO THE JURY!!!!

      After the trial, we discover that this mother (who asked if anyone have ever done this before…remember?) had previously accused THREE other people of the same thing. Funny thing about that mom…she’s moved from a hovel in Arlington to a 4-bedroom 2-story brick home in Arlington within a few short years…could it be based on receiving funds from the victim’s assistance fund?

      Oh, did I tell you that the medical report from the physical exam of the 6th grader showed NO PHYSICAL TRAUMA to the child upon examination? Well, guess what, we didn’t see that information either until AFTER the trial because the DA’s office withheld that information! Pretty cool trick, huh? Guess no conscious helps when all you want to do is win!

      To answer your question, I would not be happy if my son or daughter had been molested. Would not like it at all! I realize that there is a problem with sexual abuse and there has to be an answer somewhere, but destroying the lives of innocent people is NOT the answer!

      1. Yvette says:

        Unfortunately, your story is more the norm here than it is uncommon. Our system of justice is broken. The prosecutors need to be accountable and those that bring false charges need to face double the sentence when found out. Also, no case should ever be filed without corroborating evidence and questioning of witnesses.

    2. kelsey says:

      first of all tx-dad your wrong i could deal with a guy murdering my kid or living next to me but you know what if youdo not know how it feels to live next to a sex offender who likes children and also im just typing bad cuss im mad anywho you dnt understand how it is deathis better than memmeries of the situation i know cusss u know wat ide rather be dead than have memerys of my past childhoood thiey r sik

    3. Yvette says:

      As someone who was molested, I am uniquely qualified to answer that question. Most sex offenders are really not a threat and I would fear more greatly the gang member or violent burgler in my neighborhood than someone with poor boundaries

  43. MinTX says:

    I do not feel bad for people who place themselves in the situations they are in. Had he not been out looking looking to have sex with a minor then none of this would have happened. He put himself in the situation he is in. The wife allowed him back in her life even after finding out not only was he looking to cheat but looking to have sex with a minor. She put herself in the situation she is in. They both are to blame for the situation the kids are in, of course at 18 she could find a job and get out so she is partly to blame for her situation.

    1. MominTX says:

      The daughter is still in high school, so just how is the daughter to blame?

    2. Yvette says:

      How exactly do we KNOW he knew how old the girl was? and without seeing a transcript, was it the GIRL that was the aggressor? Teenage girls these days are not the innocents they once were and are actually on the prowl more than the guys.

      1. Emma says:

        just because a girl is the aggressor doesn’t give a grown man the right to act. he’s the adult. he should have ended it.

        that’s like saying that a 12 year old girl with a crush on her 30 year old neighbor is to blame if said neighbor allows her to suck his d*ck. “oh, well… she insisted!”

        Come on.

      2. MinTX says:

        He would not have been arrested had her age not come up. Think a little bit about it.

  44. texas heartland says:

    This man tried to pay for sex with a CHILD. Who cares about him or where he cannot live. If he wants to give his family a chance, he needs to move. Either without his family or to a place where he is allowed to live so the rest of our children are safe. He should still be in jail if you ask me. No threat my behind!!!

    1. Yvette says:

      You know Mr.Black, you scare me more.

  45. Lisa says:

    I am certainly not going to feel sorry for a grown man who tried to solicite sex from a child. That’s sick. If his wife had one ounce of common sense she would dump this nasty piece of work and build a better life for her and her daughters. Instead she stays tethered to this brick while he slowly drowns the whole family. If he doesn’t like the way things work around here maybe he should move!! Oh and maybe he should NOT try to have sex with children.

  46. What a joke... says:

    My heart is just sooooo broken for you… I mean, you go online, as a married man, and a father of young children, and seek out sex with a young girl, probably about your daughters age, and then get caught of all things!! And now, it is so sad that the community has the audacity to reject you and won’t welcome you back with open arms. It just makes me want to cry and let you know how much I AM HAPPY TO BE FROM LEWISVILLE. A CITY THAT WANTS TO PROTECT ITS CHILDREN FROM PREDATORS LIKE YOU!!! Yeah – good luck with that lawsuit….

    1. Emma says:

      You said exactly what i was thinking. I should really contemplate moving to Lewisville.

  47. Amy says:

    I LOVE living here! That law makes me know I can let my kids out side, and people like him are not around! He really needs to move, this is a great town, and has a great foundation.

    1. Anon says:

      Ignorant comment, wake up and smell the coffee you dummy

    2. AJ Black says:

      Amy, go ahead and feel safe to let your kids outside to play…hope there’s not a murderer living close, but then you’d never know…’cause THEY don’t have to register. Just saying…

      Or maybe you just don’t want to have to supervise your kids and the Lewisville law makes it easy for you to be a lazy mom…ya think?

  48. kelsey says:

    ok hi my name is who cares listen you nasty old man dont freaking sue the town just because you like to talk to uderage girls you deserve to die all of you nasty old men whol like little girls make us sick no one wants to live near yall cuss your a pedophile the best your familey can do is leave you why dont you and the rest of the pedophiles kill yourselves yall revolt me yall make me sick gross gross gross grosss im glad your familey is living in a shoebox its becusss they deserve it cuss your nasty self i was fuking talked to by lots pedos in my life and didnt know better online and offf but truth is is yall really mess up teenagers lifes and i was sexually so yall alll go die and all you 18 year olds having sex wit 16 yr olds and younger same goes to yalll yalll did this to yallls selves

  49. kelsey says:

    back ok and another thing go die nasty man you are sick you disgrace me stay away from underage girls go die//////
    you dont neeed to live near children or kids

  50. Anon says:

    My husband was falsely accused in 1984 of child molestation. He took a plea to save his life and to keep himself out of prison. Since 1984, his false accusers have continued to falsely accuse. To date we have found and connected with 14 other people these same false accusers have accused and had successfully convicted. The last 2 men were just sentenced. One received 60 years in prison. The other was given probation. The DA and prosecutors were made aware of the accusations of this family, and still went ahead with prosecution of these two men. 1 woman, who was these people’s elderly neighbor, and 2 boys ages 10 &11 are included in the people whom this family have falsely accused of child molestation. They show no signs of ever stopping their trails of destruction, nor does it seem DA’s or their prosecutors will ever stop their corrupt ways on the American public. You could be next, no evidence necessary except for what a kid says to get an indictment and send you in front of a jury if you ever get that far.

    1. kelsey says:

      your wrong cusss me my sis and lil sis all said our stepdad did it guess wat nothing happend so you know what they probably susspected your husband so do not blame the kids

      1. Anon says:

        This family is on the 3rd generation of serial false accusers, so Ido blame the kids, kids a the kids in the future. This s just how this family thinks. They are worthless human rings, and was will be. We hope that someday least one will escape their evil mentality, but so far that has not happened. It is near 30 years they have bern falsely accusing.

    2. Yvette says:

      And why do they continue to accuse? The state of Texas pays them a handsome CASH reward for doing so. Shame on this state.

  51. MominTX says:

    A sex offense is the only crime that needs no evidence for a conviction. Elvis Presley, Woody Allen, Patrick Swayze, my grandpa, and probably you are sex offenders according to todays laws.

  52. Jolene says:

    My goodness….so many ignorant people on this comment section. Fear mongering has no place in laws which truly protect the children. Do the research before posting such uninformed, hateful comments.

    1. AJ Black says:

      Sending innocent people to prison does not protect the children. Perhaps you should do the research before posting such uninformed and ignorant comments.

    2. Anon says:

      Do YOUR research before commenting. You are the ignorant one here. I have been dealing with this unjust justice system nearly 30 years. I am a professional and will tell the truth. You could be next. Knowledge is power, if you have children, especially if they are male and over the age of 5, I strongly urge you to talk to them about false allegations of child molestation. No one is immune from this happening to them, no one, not you, your mom, your dad, your grandma, your grandpa, uncle, aunt, sister, one.

  53. LeeAnnLand says:

    This story sickens me. This man lost his right to live in normal society. Someone has to stand up and start protecting our children.

    1. Anon says:


    2. Yvette says:

      In the name of Protection, we have gone way way way overboard, created FALSE senses of security, enacted laws that do absolutely nothing about protection and everything about punishment far beyond most of the “crimes” committed. AGAIN, 91.5% of those on the registry are not preditors.

  54. Emma says:

    He was admittedly caught in an online sting, where he believed he was soliciting an underage girl. These “girls” are normally “12-15 years old”. I’m sorry. That screams sex offender. I would like to know exactly what was was contained in the chats he had with this “young girl.”

    1. Anon says:

      If you really want to get honest…The person he was chatting with was a 40 year old woman posing as a underage in actuality he was never even in contact with a minor. These perverted setups are dreamed up and then acted upon by law enforcement tax payers pay for. That is wrong, that is a setup, that is just like a cop sitting in a bar parking lot giving out dwi’s as the patrons leave the bar,

      1. Emma says:

        So, just because the cops are out there waiting for you to leave a bar means that you shouldn’t be caught driving while intoxicated/under the influence? I think not. They’re doing what is necessary for the safety of the public.

        10 years ago, when i was 14 years old, my family got a computer and internet. I was in chat rooms all the time, talking with my friends. My parents didn’t know anything about the internet, so they couldn’t inform me about what could happen if I talked to strangers online. I posted a picture of myself and my dogs sitting on my couch. I immediately got private chat messages from much older men (usually between 30-50 years old) and told them to go away. Many times, they didn’t and I would log off.

        Less than 6 months later, I was chatting with a friend online on AOL. I got a message from a guy i didn’t know. I told him that I didn’t know him, and that i didn’t want him messaging me anymore. He, then, sent a message with my home phone number, my address, and a bunch of other numbers. He said he would come visit me sometime. (now, i know that he traced my IP address and that’s what the other numbers were, and that’s how he got my information.)

        I immediately got of the computer and told my dad. I stopped using chat rooms and messengers after that.

        These officers are online trying to prevent things like THAT from happening, and to keep pedophiles from having contact with minors, sending them inappropriate images or having the minor send them, or “educating” young children about sexuality/fetishes/etc that they shouldn’t be subjected to by anyone, let alone an adult for that matter.

      2. Anon says:

        Emma, it is against the law to set someone up. Cops cannot legally sit in a bar parking lot and give out DWI’s. The best way to stop drunk driving would be to ban alcohol, but that will never happen, too much money would be lost in sales tax for government corruption. As for your experience, I would say you are most likely over exaggerating, lying or a member of perverted justice. I am well versed on sex offenses and false accusers. It would be rare to be hit on in a chat room, and even rarer for it to happen as often as you state. Always remember, if a false allegation can be thrown by you, someone someday can cast a false allegation on you or your children. This is why any injustice is a threat to us all. Speak the truth in life only, or you may one day find your picture on your local sex offender registry.

  55. Julie Hammond says:

    I am concerned over the public mania over the one size fits all approach to Sex Offenders.

    There was a boy (teenager) who mooned a cop. He was put on a dare to do this act as the others in the car had been doing for months. This time it just happened to be in front of a cop hidden trying to catch speeders.

    The boy went before the judge and the Judge gave him the Sexual Offender Registry as a punishment. I wish the judge would have given the boy a fine and community service but he did not.

    The registry needs to be re-done where offenders are listed based on the severity of the charge they are charged with.

    It is time for pania mania to stop.

  56. fette schlampen says:

    Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site by chance, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

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