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Missing dog Butch, who was taken during a carjacking in Cedar Hill. (Credit: Washington family)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Marvette and Dude Washington bowed their heads Thursday afternoon over a dinner from McDonald’s, thankful they finally found Butch Michael –– their Schnauzer.

The Cedar Hill siblings were carjacked a month ago.

The suspect not only took off with their car but their dog as well. After a relentless search, all three have been reunited.

Marvette and Dude, who has Down’s Syndrome, were thankful, too, for Chicken McNuggets. Interrupting her dinner Thursday, Marvette sat on the floor with Butch and offered a few to him.

“You wanna try it? Chicken McNuggets? Yeah, you do,” she said to him.

Butch Michael had been missing since the three were carjacked at the Cedar Hill Walmart on March 10.

Dude, whose real name is Prentice, was sitting in the passenger seat of the car while Marvette loaded groceries in the back. It was raining. She was holding an umbrella.

That’s when police say 37-year-old Corey Dunn saw his opportunity and grabbed her purse, which was still sitting in the grocery cart. He pushed her aside and hopped in the car, running over her leg in his rush to back out.

Dude was still sitting in the passenger seat but was ejected a short distance later.

Butch Michael was still in the backseat when the suspect headed to South Dallas, where he crashed on the 2600 Block of Metropolitan.
Police had already caught up with him and quickly arrested him.

They say they never saw the dog.

Marvette posted flyers in the neighborhood with Butch Michael’s picture on it. She and friends knocked on doors. She never gave up.

McKayla Mosley is only eight years old. But, she seems older, wiser. She had seen the flyer at home and stared at the dog’s picture.

“I’ve kept the dog memorized in my head and how he looked,” she said.

She was sure she’d spotted the dog in the yard next door.

“I heard it barking. So, I told my dad. He came outside and said, ‘That’s not the dog.’ So, I went to go get the paper and said, ‘It is the dog,'” she said.

It was.

McKayla said she was never interested in the $800 reward.

“When people lose things and other people find things and give it back, that’s the right thing to do,” she said.

Butch Michael had found a place to hide underneath an abandoned house next to McKayla’s.

But the dog had been traumatized and wounded.

There was a burn mark on his side. He may have rubbed against a hot pipe underneath a house. No one knows for sure. But he refused to approach anyone.

Marvette Washington woke up to a dream Monday morning and told her brother about it.

“Dude, I had a good dream. I dreamed a man found Butch. He’s coming home this week. He’s coming home,” she remembers telling him.

That night, McKayla’s father called Marvette to tell her where she might be able to find her dog.

Tuesday, there was a tornado outbreak in Dallas and Tarrant Counties. Marvette waited until the evening and then, with a Dog Detective in tow, spent the better part of the night waiting for Butch to come out of his hiding place.

The Dog Detective fell asleep. But, Butch came out of hiding for his nightly barking routine. It was dark. But Marvette saw his collar and knew it was him.

Butch, however, wasn’t so sure it was her. He went back into hiding.

Marvette enlisted the help of Dallas Animal Services who placed a trap cage near the house.

The treat inside the cage? Chicken McNuggets.

A hungry cat wandered into the trap and it was set again.

At 7 a.m. Wednesday, a few of Marvette’s friends checked the trap and Butch was in it.

She was awakened by their phone call.

“We got him! We got him! I’m like, ‘What? Are you kidding?
Are you kidding?!'”

Butch was taken to Dallas Animal Services and then to her vet for a check-up.

Someone took cell phone video of the big reunion.

In it, a worker walks down a long hallway with Butch Michael on a leash. As they pass through the door, Butch runs directly to Marvette for a greeting and then to Dude.

“It’s just the grace of God that we three are back together again,” Marvette said.

Marvette then asks her brother, “Did Butch Michael kiss you?”

Dude answered, “He kiss my cheek.”

Dude can’t stop smiling. Marvette thanks God for everything.

“We’re a testimony that you just trust and God is going to be true to His word,” she said.

“He has protected us from carjacking. You know, from broken bones. You know, from losing each other,” she said, tears welling up.

“I know people will look at our story and say, ‘This is unbelievable.’ It’s just the power of God. He’s amazing,” Marvette said.

Marvette says she’s going to give the $800 reward to the family of the little girl who insisted on telling her father she spotted the dog.