NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) The Red Cross is urging North Texans to be prepared when storms roll through.

Red Cross spokeswoman Anita Foster recommends that everyone put together a disaster supply kit ahead of time.

“Maybe a duffle bag or a backpack or something like that, that can hold things like a flashlight with batteries, either your weather radio or your AM/FM battery operated radio, a first aid kids, some food products,” said Foster.

The bag should be left in your safe room.

Foster said the recent tornadoes were a wake up call to a lot of people. “We’re in Texas and so the bottom line is weather happens here and it happens really fast. We saw that on Tuesday.”

While a lot of people knew exactly where to take shelter when the tornadoes hit, many weren’t prepared with the things they needed once there.

“Whether it’s a work or at your house wherever you take shelter, keep your disaster kit right nearby,” Foster recommended.

You should also take into account the needs of each member of your family and include necessary things like medication and baby supplies.

According to the Red Cross, three quick steps will help during an emergency – Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed.

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