10. Nowhere – not the airport or even the State Fair of Texas – is the people-watching more entertaining than at Texas Motor Speedway.

9. Interviewed Ricky Stenhouse Jr. on Thursday and then he went out and won the Nationwide race on Friday. Coincidence? Probably had more to do with the fact that he’s the defending series champion, evidenced by a belt buckle that would make a rodeo champ jealous.

8. Whether it’s helicopters or jets or stealths you can barely see and hear, I still get chills at military flyovers. Never gets old.

7. 334 laps in Saturday night’s Samsung Mobile 500 and only 2 cautions, both for debris on the track thanks to gusty 30mph winds.

6. I don’t care how hot Danica Patrick is, I just can’t root for someone who is not a nice person. And she ain’t.

5. Was almost impossible to make a call or send a text throughout the weekend at TMS. I know it’s illegal, but I’m guessing that Sprint was somehow “jamming” the signals of Verizon and AT&T customers. The strategy, of course, will backfire. Did they really expect me to go out and change service just for the weekend?

4. Not a better person in all of sports than TMS president Eddie Gossage. Nothing the guy won’t do to put on a good show.

3. In NASCAR Greg Biffle wins much more routinely than Dale Earnhardt Jr., which these days is never. Biffle also leads in points, but I’m betting the average sports fan couldn’t pick him out of a crowd.

2. For a band who these days includes exactly 0 of its original members, Foreigner sure does sound like, well, Foreigner. But it does say something about your group when your mosh pit is littered with bald spots.

1. I barely know from a lug nut from a salted cashew, but I do know when I’m being entertained. And it wasn’t Saturday night. The 234 consecutive green-flag laps might have been a record, but it’s also revolting. I don’t need crashes, but I do need action. Which might be the biggest indictment of NASCAR yet. When everything goes according to plan, it’s boring.

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