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ballin logo 2 Why The Mavericks Should Shut It Down

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – With three games left in the NBA season, I can’t find a single thing worth playing for from a Dallas perspective.   Starting tonight against the Warriors and ending Thursday in Atlanta, I don’t want them doing anything that could jeopardize their best shot at repeating, which is being healthy and fresh.

If the Mavs are going to have any shot against OKC, SA, or LAL, they NEED to steal game one.   In order to do that, you gotta turn back the clock of your mid to late 30s core, by resting and rehabbing their aging legs.

The theory gains even more steam when you consider it’s a near statistical impossibility for the Mavs to finish anywhere but 6th or 7th in the final standings.  There is little to be gained by playing to win.

So, I’m sitting Dirk Nowitzki and put him in training camp 3.0 mode.   When he took a week off in February for 2.0, he returned in dominant form.  Based on an inconsistent April, the team needs to sit him for the rest of the season.

Jason Kidd, you can put on your nicest suit and take a seat as well.  Maybe you can even pretend to be a coach like Kobe Bryant did last week.  Let’s hope not.  Not a good look and disrespectful to the coach.  Kidd understands that.   For real though, the last two seasons have seen Kidd sit down for extended stretches and come back on fire.  Game 1 vs. Portland?  Ballin.

Vince Carter.  Hello!  In the preseason I asked him how much he could jump still.  It offended him.  Up until the last two weeks I just thought he was defensive that night at the Shawn Marion toy drive at the Fan Sports Lounge.  But when the team made the move to flip the switch and nail down a playoff spot, he tapped in to the athleticism that he’s been holding back for the sake of durability.   He gets the next 9 days off to make sure any lingering fatigue or injuries are a non factor when the ball goes up in round one.   Take flight Air Canada, Take flight!

Delonte West, the finger is not completely healed.   Could he use a refrain from the hand checking he’s been enduring?   IDK, he gets the start/sit option.

Who else would you sit?   Or…wait…don’t tell me you are one of those guys who believes in the rust theory.   This team is too veteran for that to even come close to comparing to the benefits of rest.

Lemme know.



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