By Arnie Spanier, 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – I was sitting around on Saturday night trying to catch up on some sleep…but obviously couldn’t.

The house was quiet because Slow Jeff was off blowing his paycheck at one of the local “nudie bars” and my other roommate was in  a food coma, passed out.  I was watching highlights of Ranger Baseball, all of MLB, the upcoming NBA playoffs and the fans going crazy over the NHL playoffs. Then it hit me.

We need ‘Fan Rules’ to stop all these young people from jumping on and off bandwagons.

Make no mistake about it, in my generation if your team sucked you stayed with them year after year no matter how bad it got.  Just ask the long suffering Cubs fans or a fan of any team in Buffalo, NY.

Now a days, college kids have access to so many games they root for the flavor of the month.

So he are a few of my rules/definitions for being a true fan:

1.  You really need to have been born or at least moved to the state of the team you root for at a young age.

There is nothing worse than a guy living in Dallas saying he’s always pulled for the Packers even though he wasn’t born in Green Bay, never been to Wisconsin or able to name the QB before Brett Favre.  (Don Majkowski)

2.  If you jumped off the bandwagon for any reason you are never allowed back on. NEVER, so don’t even try when the team is doing well. (see Ranger fans)

3.  If you pull for the Mavs, Stars and Rangers you don’t get to pull for the Steelers.  You are either  all in or  you are not.

4.  If you don’t own team clothing older than 2 years you can’t be a fan.

5.  If you ask who won 3 hours after the game ends you can’t be a fan!  *Unless you just came out of a coma.

6.  If your a gracious loser you can’t be a fan.

7.  Regarding college affiliations: You can pull for the school if you attended for one semester or 6+ years. As long as you spent time at the school you ARE a fan.

8.  If you didn’t go to school there and went some place that didn’t have a D1 team then you can pick your local team.

9.  If you went to a D1 school you can’t pull for your school and Texas….not permitted.

10. If you say your not going to be a Cowboy fan until Jerry leaves or they get good again, you can’t be a fan.

Just some rules I thought I’d lay down.

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