ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Spindler family from Arlington watches 3-year-old Norman play and run around outside.  They are grateful for moments where he’s not in pain.

Just a few weeks ago Norman’s mother thought the worst.

“I That my child was dead,” says Kay Spindler as she takes a moment to wipe her tears, “but he’s not luckily he’s still here with us.”

Norman fell out of a third story apartment window in Crowley last month.

He landed on the bushes. His mom says by the time she rushed downstairs his face had turned blue.

“I freaked out!”, says Kay “It was scary and I forgot everything like CPR because I was in shock.”

Norman’s family says their little boy had a guardian angel.

“I got a 2 year old and it’s the only thing I saw looking out the window,” says John Livingston who is a Tarrant County Deputy Constable.

He also knows CPR and quickly started working on Norman “I rolled him back and felt twice for a pulse and didn’t find one I was worried.”

Norman was rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

His father asked him what he was doing and he innocently replied, “He said I’m playing Spider Man. I said no buddy you can’t play Spider Man. He said I went to the window I stayed a little then I fall,” explains Matt Spindler.

Cook Children’s says it has treated more than 25 children like Norman in Tarrant County since September and they’ve all fallen from windows and balconies.

“You move the chemicals and medicine out of the reach and you make them wear a helmet or put them in a car seat but you never think about them falling out of the windows,” explains Sharon Evans the trauma injury prevention coordinator at Cook Children’s

“We just don’t want to see those kids anymore.”

Evans reminds parents to make sure windows have locks on them and don’t rely on the light weight screens.

As for Norman he’s got a broken neck and wears a brace.

His family says he will have to for a while longer.

They are grateful he’s alive, “I’m just glad he’s here today,” says Matt.