ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) –  The city of Arlington’s Canon Print Center is a concept the city may copy and expand.

The city partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington to use Canon Business Solutions’ Business Services to take on their printing tasks.

Printers and copiers of all shapes and sizes handle everything from business cards to huge blueprints. No one’s sure what the exact annual savings of the partnership will be. But the estimates are gaining attention.

“I’m saying hundreds of thousands,” said Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck. “But I just don’t know how many hundreds of thousands.”

The city started looking for other partnerships. The search for savings is taking them to the school district, which was eager to explore tax-money savings ideas.

“I think it means we’re looking for ways to save money and we’re looking to save costs and in this day and age its very important,” said AISD Superintendent Jerry McCullough. “I’m excited about the opportunities.”

One of the ideas they’re looking at is vehicle maintenance. The city doesn’t need buses, but it does need fuel. Arlington ISD gets a better rate for fuel than the city. Partnering and buying in quantity, though, could save each money.

Or, what if they shared a common maintenance facility for buses and trucks?

They’re ideas the city and school district’s leaders will sit down together to discuss this week for the first time.

“Well, I’ve been in Arlington a long time and this is the first time I can remember the full council and the full school board coming together to discuss some common issues,” McCullough said.

“The only way to get anything big done is to do it together,” Cluck said. “For them to do their stuff, and we’re totally separate and UTA a third by themselves? It just doesn’t make sense any more.”

And Cluck says if they can copy the successes seen in the print room on a larger scale, it could save taxpayers millions.