1440449031 Fans Gush About Hamiltons Homer Performance

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers hits a two-run home run in the third inning during a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on May 8, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. Hamilton hit four home runs during the game to become the 16th player in MLB history to make the accomplishment. (credit: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

ADDISON (CBSDFW.COM) – Josh Hamilton’s big night Tuesday put him into the Ranger record books. But will his four home runs overtake the errors he’s made on the road to recovery from alcohol addiction?

Right now, Josh Hamilton is the talk of the town. It was the No. 1 topic on 103.5 The Fan Sports Radio.

“It’s only been done 16 times in 160 years of baseball,” said host Greggo Williams. “When somebody does something that special, yeah, we spend some time on it.”

Hamilton has risen to new heights in the eyes of fans.

Zach Beck is a longtime fan. He was eating lunch, listening to The FAN’s live broadcast from Duke’s in Addison with a friend.

“The fact that it’s one of our own that’s able to accomplish a feat like that is astonishing. Hamilton is just out of this world,” Beck gushed.

It was only four months ago that Hamilton was at a low.

He had gone to a Dallas restaurant and in a “weak moment” had about three or four drinks.

“It hurt a lot of people,” he said.

But the question is, do fans care about any of his relapses?

“When something like that happens, I don’t think they do. I really don’t. They want their heroes to play on the field,” Greggo Williams said.

Allen Vaughn, sitting at the bar at Duke’s said, “I don’t think any of us care one bit about that.”

“I’m able to look past that. I understand,” Zach Beck said.

Some may see Hamilton as a superman. Others see him as a recovering addict. But there is another image that endears him to fans.

“He’s raw. He’s honest. He’s vulnerable. So, that combination humanizes him,” Dr. Yolanda Brooks said.

Brooks is a sports psychologist who has traveled with pro sports teams. She says what has defined Hamilton is the way he has handled adversity.

“And, that genuineness is huge when it comes to understanding who that person is,” Dr. Brooks said.

Life can be tough, Dr. Brooks said, under the ever-watchful public eye.

“Every athlete is human and goes through the life experiences that remind them they are human, whether it’s life or death or illness that we all encounter. We don’t have to live with those moments in the public eye like the professional athletes do,” Dr. Brooks said.

Brooks thinks his success in baseball will stick.

“You can’t erase talent,” she said.

Right now, Josh Hamilton may just be the best in baseball.

“I’m just hoping we resign him. Honestly can’t let

a guy like that go,” said Zach Beck.

Allen Vaughn said, “I think Josh Hamilton should supplant Alexander Hamilton on the 10 dollar bill.”