Tattoo of Justice on Jim Wenger's Arm

Tattoo of Justice on Jim Wenger’s Arm

This morning, local animal advocates sat one narrow aisle away from the family of Darius Ewing inside the 283rd Judicial District Court. Ewing, 18, is charged with the death of Justice, a four-month-old puppy who was set on fire. Ewing is currently in Dallas County Jail on $100,000 bond.  His attorney, Tricia Perry, filed a Motion to Reduce Bond after Ewing’s family contested the amount.

Darius Ewing (Courtesy of Dallas County Jail)

Darius Ewing (Courtesy of Dallas County Jail)

Reverend Ronald Wright of Justice Seekers Texas has spoken on behalf of Ewing, saying the bond was set too high. In his words, “It says that dogs are more important when it comes to African-American men.”

The hearing was set to start at 9am. After nearly an hour of waiting, Judge Rick Magnis announced that he had to recuse himself from the hearing because he had “personal knowledge of the case”  before it was assigned to him. Apparently, he knows one of the veterinarians who treated Justice. It is going be rescheduled as soon as next week.

After the announcement, people streamed into the hallway where a verbal conflict broke out between Bonnie Matthias (Dallas Animal Shelter Commission) and a group from DFW Rescue Me including Jim Wenger, Richard Hunter, and other volunteers. Ironically, Matthias was defending Darius Ewing. (Thanks to Richard Hunter for video.)

We’ll keep you posted on the new hearing date. As a reminder, the public is welcome to attend to show support for Justice and send a message to the judge that this violent act is indeed worthy of a high bond.  The 283rd Judicial District Court is on the 6th floor of the Frank Crowley Courts Building- 133 N. Riverfront in Dallas. Business attire is required.

As a community, we will still seek justice for Justice.