GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – There are Rangers Fans. And, there are Super Rangers Fans. Then, there’s an 89-year-old woman from Greenville in a class by herself.

Nothing can keep her from watching the game on TV, not even a trip to the hospital.

Lola Cross said, “I don’t get to go to many of the Rangers games, but I don’t miss a one on TV if I can help it.”

Lola Cross, who’s lived in Greenville most of her life, is a die hard Rangers Fan.

How hard?

“Thinking about the Rangers when I just broke my hip! Laughs.

Lola broke her hip April 28- just as the Texas Rangers were about to take on the Washington Nationals.

“I had my cell phone in my pocket. So, I could call for help,” Lola said.

Lola was first taken to a hospital in Greenville. That’s where her daughter, Kristi Coats, met up with her.  Lola was then transferred by ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Rockwall.  Once inside the ambulance, Lola made an unusual request.

“I thought they had it back there and I said, ‘Turn the TV on.’ They laughed. And, I said, ‘Turn the Rangers on.'” she said.

Kristi was riding in the front passenger seat of the ambulance and heard her mother’s request.  “I heard him say, they don’t allow us to have a TV back here,” Kristi said with a laugh.

So, Kristi did the next best thing.  “So, I have an iPhone and I started giving her updates,” she said.

Lola, who is 89, thinks so much about the Rangers.  But after hearing what happened, the Rangers let her know, they were thinking of her. They sent her a letter.

“Dear Lola, the Texas Rangers are sorry to hear about your illness,” she read.  It was signed by Nolan Ryan and even included an autographed picture.

Kristi said, “She even kissed the picture she was so excited.”

Lola, recuperating at the Briarcliff Health Center in Greenville, hopes to walkout of there on her own.  And now she knows, the Rangers will be rooting for her.

Lola did get to see the game the night she broke her hip. The hospital emergency room moved in a television set just for her.

So far, Lola says, she hasn’t missed a game yet.