FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Someone in North Texas is believed to be holding a lottery ticket worth $28 million.

Saturday’s Lotto Texas winning ticket was sold at the Crossroads Shell gas station on Western Center Boulevard in north Fort Worth.

“They say in real estate ‘location, location’, and I say, for the lotto, this is the location!” convenience store investment group spokesperson Moin Hoque said excitedly.

Hoque was beaming on Monday as he greeted customers with the news of the winning ticket sale.

More than a dozen Crossroads Shell customers — their pictures placed prominently along the counter — have already snagged a share of the lotto cash, but the $28 million payout will be the largest yet.

According to state lottery officials, the owner has not yet claimed the prize. But, Hoque says the winning ticket holder visited the store on Sunday to show off the winning ticket and say ‘thanks’.

“He’s a regular customer,” Hoque said. “He comes here all the time and he told our guys that he buys his ticket all the time and he got lucky last Saturday night. I was hoping that a guy from this community, this neighborhood would make it.”

As the store did a brisk business Monday in chips, snacks and chances to become the next Lotto Texas millionaire — there were plenty of customers jokingly staking a claim in those winnings.

“If you don’t play you’re not gonna win,” said a laughing Victor Saldivar. “I’m on strike at Lockheed right now, so this is kinda like a little old deal where, if it’s meant to be it is. I hope my company will get their labor dispute with us resolved, so I can go back to work.”

But who knows, going back to work may not be a concern, if he’s holding the next set of lucky numbers.