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Recently the Dallas Cowboys’ 1992 Super Bowl winning team had a reunion for an Emmit Smith charitable fundraiser. There were most of the stars that brought America’s Team back, giving the Cowboys its first Super Bowl since 1978.

I was living in Valencia, California at the time having moved there from Texas a few years earlier. The year before the Cowboys had finished 11-5 and lost in the Divisional round against the Lions in Detroit and I remember my father saying, “next year, you watch. This team will be good.”

And next year they did.

I remember that team fondly because football was fun that year. While many don’t want to admit it, when the Cowboys are good, the nation is intrigued. Its better for the game. And the 92 team had plenty of characters to latch on to.

From the flamboyant all pro wide receiver  Michael Irvin, to the hard working heart of the team Emmit Smith, to the strength and poise of quarterback Troy Aikman, this team had it all.

Then coach Jimmy Johnson was a master of recognizing talent. He could find a diamond in the middle of a barren field. He also was a master motivator. Using fear of being cut, he would push his guys until he got what he wanted out of them.

I along with everyone else that year saw a young team start to realize just how good they really were. The defense, one of the most underrated in the games history, was ranked #1 in the league and was shutting down anyone in their path.

The offense, lead by the running of Emmit Smith behind a monstrous offensive line, began mowing down opponents, leading the league in rushing.

I remember going to the Los Angeles Coliseum, something I would not recommend to anyone, to watch the Raiders take on the Cowboys and saw half the 100,000 plus at the game, dawn blue shirts and cheer for the men with the star on their helmets. The Cowboys won that game 28-13.

Their demolition of the hated 49’ers in the NFC Championship game, made everything that much sweeter. The Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills was an afterthought.

I remember that team fondly because for the first time in my family, my dad, brother and myself, were all rooting for the same team, pulling for the same guys.  I was a Bears fan for years, but the Cowboys were beloved in my house. It was the first time in my life, when MY team was actually a champion. I had never had that feeling before.

I remember watching the Super Bowl and watching my father jump up like a child and cheer when the Cowboys scored their first of many touchdowns, and the smile on his face after the game was done. He doesn’t often let people see that side of himself, but that day, who cared.

It was a fun year for the NFL. It was a fun year for the York family. And it was a year when everyone was saying, “How Bout Them Cowboys!”

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