106808268 Cowboys CB Jenkins Reportedly Seeks Trade

NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – The Dallas Cowboys begin OTAs on Tuesday, but cornerback Mike Jenkins won’t be there because he wants to be traded, sources told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill Jr. While the workouts are voluntary, Jenkins, the team’s first-round pick in 2008, wants out after Dallas signed Brandon Carr to a $50 million deal in free agency and then traded up to take LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne in last month’s NFL Draft.

Consequently, Jenkins has effectively gone from the Cowboys’ best cornerback to third on the depth chart. But in a league that puts a premium on the passing game — and finding ways to stop it — a team can never have enough quality defensive backs (obvious exception: the Eagles, who shipped Asante Samuel to the Falcons in April). But Jenkins wants a new contract, which is exacerbated by a) the money the team paid to Carr and b) the various injuries Jenkins played through last season.

Hill notes that Orlando Scandrick has already signed a long-term deal with the Cowboys making Jenkins expendable.

There’s also this: Dallas apparently has no interest in moving Jenkins and want him on the roster for the 2012 season. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones went so far as to call Jenkins “vital” to the team’s plans.

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