By Will Brinson | Senior NFL Blogger for CBS

DALLAS (CBSSPORTS.COM) – The NFL took away chunks of cap space from the Cowboys and Redskins ($10 million and $36 million, respectively) because of front-loaded contracts handed out during the uncapped year in 2010. The two teams appealed to an arbitrator, but the NFL announced Tuesday that the appeal was dismissed.

According to NFL general counsel Jeff Pash, speaking to media at the owners meetings in Atlanta, Professor Stephen Burbank dismissed the grievance filed by Washington and Dallas.

Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder made it clear that they would fight the NFL’s decision, and at the end of March, the two teams filed their grievance against the NFL and NFLPA with Burbank.

Update: In a  statement released from the Dallas Cowboys, the club says “We pursued our salary cap claim pursuant to the CBA and we respect and will abide by the arbitrator’s decision to dismiss. We will continue to focus on our football teams and the 2012 season.”

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