dog Affidavit: Police Still Seeking Suspect Who Lit Justice Puppy On Fire

A puppy named Justice died after being set on fire in Dallas. (credit: Jim Wenger/DFW Rescue Me)

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – A Dallas Police Department arrest affidavit says the man jailed for burning the puppy known as Justice on April 4 did not start the fire that ultimately killed the animal.

Darius Ewing, 18, is still in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center on a charge of cruelty to an animal, despite a judge’s order that his bond be cut from $100,000 to $50,000. But the document says another man played an equal, if not bigger, role.

“Witness (Ollison) Wheeler stated he observed suspect Darius Ewing, who he knows by name and sight, putting lighter fluid on the burned puppy dog while another male known as Little “R” flicked a cigarette on the dog, setting it on fire.” says the affidavit.

The document seems to follow Friday’s testimony of a Dallas Police Detective at Ewing’s bond reduction hearing.

“This case is still ongoing because there are other parties involved,” said Det. Sam Carr.

But critics say there does not seem to be the same effort to get the public involved in finding “Little R” as there was with finding Ewing.

“It seems unusual to me, since the police have a name of a person who was also involved in this who, may, in fact according to witnesses be the one who actually set little Justice on fire that police have not issued an arrest warrant for this person.” said Jonnie England, spokesperson for the Metroplex Animal Coalition.

Ewing’s mother has claimed that he was not at the Pleasant Grove apartment complex when the animal was set in fire. The puppy died several days later. Family members say Ewing is being framed by others.

While not stepping into the question of Ewing’s guilt or innocence, England notes the Ewing family had cooperated with police in the investigation.

“I would hope that, and expect, that the same would happen with Little R if his name were made public and friends, family could help with the search there as well.” said England.

Dallas police are not responding to questions about the matter, saying it’s an ongoing investigation.