robert clyde wallace jr Second Metro PCS Suspect Talks About Robbery

Metro PCS robbery suspect Robert Clyde Wallace Jr. (credit: Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Dept.)

updated 6/8 – 11:00 p.m.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One day after one suspect in a Metro PCS robbery turned himself in, police now have the second suspect in custody.

According to police, Robert Clyde Wallace Jr. has been arrested.

The 39-year-old is charged with Aggravated Robbery for his role in the May 28 robbery of the Metro PCS store in the 2600 block of W. Jefferson Boulevard.

On Thursday, suspect George Tucker was also charged in the crime. Tucker, 41, is suspected of being the man who allegedly shoved a gun in the face of a four-year-old child while demanding money from the child’s uncle. The man and child had walked into the store during the robbery.

Surveillance video from Metro PCS shows two men entering the store. One man pointed a gun at employees and customers, while the second went to the back of the store and later walked back through with merchandise.

Tucker is being held without bond due to previously removing an ankle device when released on a previous charge.

In a jailhouse interview Friday, Wallace admitted he robbed the store, but claimed he didn’t realize Tucker had pointed a gun at a 4 year old girl in the store, until he watched surveillance video on TV.  “I just felt bad about the child,” he said.

Wallace said he needed money to buy a house, because his criminal record made it difficult for him to find a place to rent.

He said the plan was a simple robbery where no one was supposed to get hurt.  “The gun didn’t even have a clip or bullets in it.”

Once police released the image of a young girl with a gun to her head, though, their phones started ringing.
“A lot of people recognized us,” said Wallace.  “It was really basically over then.”

Police got another lead one day after the robbery.  Employees say a woman showed up at the same store trying to activate one of the stolen phones.

Wallace says police did find one of the phones in the hands of Tucker’s niece and that Tucker’s own family pressed him to give up, rather than let her take the fall.  “Really I don’t like it.  I’m not a robber.  I don’t like guns, period,” said Wallace.

Police, though, say the reluctant robber also hit up a Payless Shoesource store.

When officers arrested him, they didn’t have to go very far.  He was already in jail, trying to bond out on a marijuana charge.  “I apologize to the families, the workers of the store… It wasn’t supposed to blow up and escalate into this situation.,” he said.

While no one was physically injured, Wallace says he believes the robbery may have emotionally hurt his victims.

Wallace also claims a third person was involved, who planned the robbery, provided the guns, and took some of the stolen money.  He refused to name that third person.

Wallace is being held on $282,000 bond.

Both Wallace and Tucker remain in the Dallas County Jail.

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