The leading line of showers and storms continues to fizzle out over western portions of the Metroplex this morning.  The line extends up to the Red River into an area of low pressure that developed overnight.  There are showers streaming in on the back of the low and very isolated activity well east.  Rain continues around the core of the low along the Red River as it moves slowly eastward along the Red River into southeastern Oklahoma.

tx satrad master1 Lingering Rain Chances, But Severe Weather Not Likely

As the initial line continues to quiet down over the Metroplex during the latter morning hours, afternoon heating will help to reenergize the spokes of rain around the low.  I am not expecting widespread coverage, but isolated showers and storms will continue around the periphery of the low and therefore rain chances will continue through the afternoon until the low clears North Texas.  The atmosphere appears to be pretty stabilized at this point and the severe weather threat is very minimal.

Count on mostly dry hours with clouds hanging around today.  Here are the rain chances during the midday hours with a chance for strong storms for northeastern parts of North Texas.

tx forecast manual3 Lingering Rain Chances, But Severe Weather Not Likely

The 20 percent storm chances continue through the late afternoon hours, but again it will be mostly dry.

tx forecast manual12 Lingering Rain Chances, But Severe Weather Not Likely