By Robbie Owens
suv in lake 2 SUV Has To Be Towed Out Of Grapevine Lake

A dive team idles in Grapevine Lake, near the spot where an SUV floated into the water. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Late Tuesday afternoon a tow truck hoisted a submerged SUV out of Grapevine Lake.

Witnesses say a group of teens were wrapping up a jet ski outing and were loading up, when the driver backed a Ford Expedition too far in the water.

Austin Burtnett was with the group of teens. “Whenever he was loading it [the trailer] up, the car just started going backwards, and he just lost it,” he recalled. “The jet ski was actually in the back of the trailer and then the car started tilting down and then [we] couldn’t do anything about it.”

The current lifted the SUV up off the bank and floated it out into the lake. It didn’t take long for the truck to quickly sink.

Grapevine Fire Department Deputy Chief Darrell Brown called the incident an “unfortunate mishap” that could have been far worse.

“Everybody’s okay. We’re going to have a vehicle that probably won’t be on the road, anymore. But, the trailer should be just fine,” he said.

But, the outing proved to be far more of a thrill than the teens had intended.

“There was a girl in the car, and she opened the sunroof and she actually got out of the sunroof right before the car went under, so she got lucky,” Burtnett said.

No one was injured.

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