NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – With a Friday court ruling on their company’s future looming, American Airlines workers haven’t had much reason to be happy.

Despite everything, one American employee says there can be pleasure in protesting.

When American Airlines flight attendant Robert Hearn is on the picket line his feet aren’t on the street — they’re just keeping the beat. Hearn’s YouTube videos skewer American’s management.

The latest video, called Y-A-A-Y (pronounced Why, AA, Why), is a music video depicting an American executive toting a leather bag so full of cash that money is falling out.

The man walks to his chauffeured limo where is heads off toward his mansion with four, retro-dressed, employees chasing him. One employee is dressed as a pilot with a very 1970’s looking mustache.

Another person in the video appears as a ground handler. The man, who isn’t wearing a shirt, sings lyrics to the tune of YMCA: “Bankrupt! That’s where we are today. I said, bankrupt! Where the hell is my pay? I said, bankrupt! You got your bonus today. You don’t need — to — be — so — gre-edy!”

“This is the future,” Hearn said. “Picket lines are the 70’s 80’s and 90’s.”

The chorus of the video again sung to YMCA, “Y-A-A-Y! You have to ask yourself, Y-A-A-Y? You took my pension away and bought another fancy chalet….”

aa video 3 Videos By AA Flight Attendant Poke Fun At Company Execs

(credit: YouTube)

“In this video you have three employees and three frequent flyers that kind of united together and had some fun and made a fun creative way to get our point across to management; that we’re not happy having the finger pointed to us whenever things go south,” Hearn said.

Hearn also made a video that has former American CEO Bob Crandall returning to the airline. The scene is actually from a movie depicting Hitler’s last days in a Berlin bunker. But the subtitles to the German dialogue have Crandall portrayed as Hitler and American’s management as German officers in the bunker with him.

In the video, Crandall goes on a tirade after the execs explain they’ve bankrupted the company but still have $4 billion in the bank and they’re squeezing employees for more concessions.

In the end of the video, which has some profanity, Crandall tells the generals to call Southwest Airlines so they can buy him out and Crandall says with disgust, “737’s to Europe.”

Hearn claims that, “Within two hours of putting that out Bob Crandall himself e-mailed me and absolutely loved it.”

Hearn says the videos are a sign American employees want to be happy.

“Our management style — not so much,” he said. “They don’t encourage it. Put me in charge! Give me a year and I’ll make these people happy. You hear me American? I could do it!”

Until then, Hearn will continue his picket line, online.

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