By Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan

Ranger game yesterday, observations that had nothing to do with the outcome of the game but I thought were neat:

1 – Elvis Andrus has running gloves.  Is this normal?  He got a bunt single, got to first base, took off his batting gloves, handed them to the base coach, reached into his back pocket, and put on different gloves……to run.  Is this necessary?  You’re RUNNING.

2 – Josh Hamilton *gasp* threw his bat into the stands.  Not a rare occurrence, but the poor lady that tried to catch it deflected it to a guy that looked entirely too proud to get it.  She’s shown on camera shaking her hand, because it hurt, because she tried to catch a projectile baseball bat.  And he DOESN’T GIVE HER THE BAT!  This is unacceptable.  That woman put her body on the line, she’s dinged up, and you won’t give up the bat sir?  Bad fan award of the night for you.

3 – Homefield advantage may not have worked since the good guys lost, but it’s always fun to see the 5 pitchers in the opposing bullpen wedged into the 4 square feet in the back corner where there’s shade.  Welcome to Texas you northern nancies.

4 – The kid who catches all the home runs out there on the hill caught Nelly’s 2nd homer, and did the worm.  Just thought that was a classy move worth noting.

SPORTS CONTENT ALERT!  Cowboys should sign Plaxico Burress.  I don’t need to hear about the undrafted kids who look “shifty and quick” in the slot.  Miles Austin plays the slot when the Cowboys go three wide.  Sign Plax, our guns laws are much more relaxed around here, I anticipate no legal trouble.
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