By Mike Kinney, CBSDFW.COM
spacebook On The Road: Book In Space

(credit: Kevin McGill)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you frequent YouTube, you have no doubt seen the videos of sushi up in space, or the LEGO man in space. It has become a popular thing to do — attach a Go Pro camera to an object and send it 100,000 feet above the earth on a high-altitude balloon. When local author Kevin McGill saw the video of sushi floating through the sky, he got an idea that he hoped would make kids want to read.

I went ‘on the road’ to catch the ‘launch’ of McGill’s new book, “Nikolas and Company: The Merman and the Moon Forgotten.”

“Six, five, four, three, two, one. Nick punched the blue launch button,” McGill said, reading the pages of his book in a coffee shop in Dallas. McGill is a fantasy writer. His series “Nikolas and Company” is geared for teenage boys.

McGill told me that he loves to sit in the Crooked Tree Coffeehouse and write. “This is where I spend about six or seven hours a day. This is my office space,” McGill said. He needs the people around, he explained, to help him create his stories.

With video games and television, McGill said, 12- and 13-year-old boys pick up a book and only see words on a page. “I wanted to make a promise to them. I wanted to show them where a book can take them,” McGill said. In the book, Nikolas has to fly a rocket through space to another moon, so McGill decided to send the book itself into space. He got a Go Pro camera and mounted his book, attached it to a high-altitude balloon and launched it into near-outer space.

The book is part one in the series. McGill said that he does not know where the other books will take him, but he plans on doing more interesting ‘launches,’ and he looks forward to going there.

McGill is giving away 1,000 autographed copies of his book to anyone ages 10 to 17. Click here if you are interested in getting a copy.

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